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  1. thank you so much for this update and your time you must put into this program unbelievable
  2. i too would like to congratulate you on this superb add on this must have taken a considerable amount of time to produce something as extensive as this your skills are unbelieveable i only wish i had found this sooner thank you jeff
  3. michael Hugo found this So, I have looked on more forums and found a fix. I just went to this location (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FlightSimSoft.com\PFPX) in Registry Editor and deleted the Workspace Folder, and ta-da it is fixed. Thanks for finding out it was a registry problem!
  4. Hi hugo i honestly can’t remember exactly the repairs I did but after each one I did I tried pfpx i never went through every step there was no need to when pfpx worked ok I stopped there pfpx has worked every time for me i have never used any guide for this but there may be something I have not read on the website
  5. hi hugo i have spent countless hours trying to fix this then i came across a utility called tweaking.com_windows_repair_aio i ran this utility and it repaired some files after this pfpx worked ok try it you have nothing to lose let me know how you get on jeff
  6. just tried downloading again from flightsimsoft used glary utilities5 to scan registry for pfpx files cleared a lot of files i didn't know where there what i have also noticed is the program pfpx is not in the Apps and Features list where you can uninstall it you have to use uninstall from install folder has anybody noticed this is this right it still crashes after a few seconds jeff
  7. hi Michael have you had any luck with getting pfpx working properly i have tried all sorts without success if you find anything that might help please let me know jeff
  8. cheers tom tried reverting back to one previous driver from 417.22 to 397.64 will try a few more drivers every thing else on my system seems to working ok could drivers affect just one program
  9. hi tom i am still having trouble with opening pfpx v2.03 after following advice in another post nothing seem to work however i disconnected my second screen so i am only using one and now on opening,the map screen does appear for a few seconds then i get a crash ctd i looked at the event viewer this is what it shows please see below can you help thank you jeff
  10. hi still cannot find out why pfpx will not open properly uninstalled and re-downloaded a number of times now without success installed to different drives reinstalled video driver to earlier one checked windows system files reinstalled vc-redist x64 and x86 cant think of anything i can try now ran out of ideas is there anybody out there who can help please jeff
  11. hi no success with pfpx freezing on opening tried various things to get this program to open as stated in previous posts downloaded from different browsers changed video driver from latest one to earlier version as in previous post even returned bios to defaults checked event log please see below is there anybody out there who might be able to help me if there is it will be very much appreciated jeff
  12. hi well followed stephens advice above but i have the same problem i have installed all windows updates downloaded pfpx from website and reinstalled but still have same problem dont know what else i can try jeff
  13. thanks stephen will try i have uninstalled the last 3 updates of windows but made no difference
  14. hi thanks for reply's i had installed the latest graphics driver 417.22 thought somehow that maybe the problem so i have installed 397.64 but that did not work either running out of things to try never had this problem before tried downloading file with another browser still does not work thanks for anybody who is replying here jeff
  15. hi when i open pfpx i can move my mouse but as soon as i click anywhere program stops responding so cant click top right reset window
  16. hi tom done as you ask re-install vc-redist in support files folder but unfortunately pfpx still wont run this is what happens when i try to run pfpx please look at image below
  17. hi tom windows probably has i have it set to auto update do you think this could be the problem thanks for quick reply jeff
  18. hi i am having same problem when opening pfpx version 2.3 the right hand side of the opening screen the world map screen is black when i click anywhere in the window the whole window goes white and pfpx will not respond i have redownloaded file i have installed outside of programs file (x86) i have made exception in windows defender i have installed with admin rights tried this about 4 times still cannot open pfpx properly had this program a number of years now and never had any problems at all win 10 p3d v4.4 anybody have any ideas please jeff storey
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