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  1. That's great thank you, I was just missing exactly what to search for Mike
  2. I can't find any documentation about the format of the weather request printout and which fields are entered into the FMC in which locations. The baro setting is reasonably obvious as is the time, but the others aren't quite as clear. Does anyone have any documentation showing what all the fields on the printout mean? Mike
  3. Just to confirm, closing the new view has no effect either - the cockpit sounds are still missing. Mike
  4. ok - I can now duplicate this at will. This is the easiest way to do it - At the point you're doing take off and the message "Set takeoff thrust" appears at the top of the screen in green set the thrust levers and you hear the message "Thrust set". Now open a new view from the P3D menu. I chose the external top-down view. The sound cuts to the outside sound, ie only the engines. Now click back into the main window. At this point I'd expect to be hearing all the cockpit sounds like callouts "100 knots", "V1", "Rotate" etc but I'm still only hearing the engines and it's like that for the rest of the flight. This is version Mike
  5. Just ran the approach from T/D from the saved state I'd used before and everything was ok this time which is odd as all I did from T/D was begin the descent by clicking the alt knob same as before. Anyways, I'll assume it was either pilot error or P3D in a slightly confused state and keep an eye out for it happening again! Thanks for the help Mike
  6. Pretty sure I followed the procedures exactly but I'll try to replicate the problem again. If I wasn't following the procedure though I'd not have expected the landing procedures to be followed by the co-pilot (autobrake settings, gear down etc) ? Mike
  7. I have a problem where the voices from the copilot and checklist stop working during a flight. Doing the tutorial flight, I hear everything at the start of the flight such as the checklist, speed announcements, "rotate" etc but at some point during the flight they stop working. I don't hear descent checklist, altitude announcements and other such stuff during landing, although the autoland works perfectly. I've not touched any volume or other controls during the flight. Engine and other sounds are fine. I can hear the results of what's happening during the checklists, ie the copilot turning switches, operating the gear lever but I'm missing voices. The only voice I hear is "approaching runway 2 7" when I'm on the final approach. Software is the very latest update of the Airbus with P3D v4.4
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