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  1. Hallo Mathjas, super good news, I am a great fan/user of Aerosoft buses...just one question: how the Aerosoft buses will compare with the A32NX by Flybywire ( which in my opinion, are getting to a good level and continue to improve) ...are you still looking at it? Also, if I recall correctly, one of Aerosoft’s member team is collaborating with Flybywire team, so how Aerosoft-Flybywire products will compare? Thanks
  2. Thanks, just wondering...do you have an idea on when the buses will be available for MSFS? First quarter 2021 or second quarter 2021? Later on?
  3. Ciao Mathias, I am an enthusiast user of Aereosoft's buses (both A318-321 sderies and A330) for P3Dv4. I have now switched to MSFS2020 and can't wait to have the buses on this new platform. One question: have you seen the A320NX by FlyByWire (both the stable and the Dev. version)? It seems super-interesting and I was wondering if aereosoft team (or some of its developers) are collaborating to this, as it is starting to become not as-good-as but pretty interedsting compared to Aereosfot's buses...just to hear your opinion, and hopefully Aereost's buses will come into MSFS any time soon, befofe the FlyByWire A320NX will be fully developed.... Thanks
  4. Hallo,I've just installed AS Mega SAirport Rome from MK Studios on my P3Dv4.5 new laptop but buildings not appearing...what should I do? In the scenery libarary I input Ecosystem\Aerosot\Rome 2015, but no buildings (still runways are there as well as static airpalnes ) ...I saw that during installation it did not installed SODE because it said that I've already have a newer version (that came with Bergamo airport)...what should I do? Thanks for help
  5. SOLVED ! Downgrade the a318-319 file to version and now it works...problem seems to be with the upgrade...
  6. ...so the issue seems to be with A318-319 that when loaded they are always with shut engines...how can I avoid that?
  7. Latest update from many attempts...the A320 works perfectly !!! (the Logitech throttle works and engines respond), the problem stays with A319 : when it is loaded it gets back to everything shut down status (how can I avoid that?) then I load take-off state from the MCDU but no response from the engines when I input throttle up (even with keyboards command)...how do I solve this? Thanks a lot for your help...
  8. P3dv4.5.13.2097 A318-319 v. no FSUIPC: should I use it? maybe this could be the trick...(I have it on my old PC)...what do you think?
  9. Please help....I am nogt able to use my favourite plane (a319) with no joystick input...
  10. Done ...still< not working..interesting is that if I use full throttle on other planes,< like the "defaalt" F22, it works...so it should be a Airbus issue...
  11. What are the correct settings in the configurator? for throttle axis counts you can either select 1 or 2, wshich one should I select? where is vol7. Thrust level setup...Iam using the A319 (not A330)...
  12. I do not know what Simstarter is...should I use it? what is it? sorry Mathias, I ment shft+4..the POP UP MCDU Menu (Aircraft State MCDU +Take-off state).... does anybody know how to fix this? why used to work with my old PC and not with the new laptop?
  13. Hello, I've just bought myself a powerful MSI Laptop and re-installed P3Dv4.5 with a lot of Aerosofot sc eneries + A318-321. Now I fouynd myself at Malpensa 35L in my A319 (which I've been using for ages...), I set aircraft state on MCDU 4 on ready for take-off <but when I push for full throttle nothing happens to the engines...to be more precise, throttle do move in the graphics but nothing happens to the engines which do not increase power...could you pls help? I've read coupl of similar issues, but could you pls give me a step-by-step giude on how to solve this?? (Obviously on my previous "old" laptop everything works perfectly fine)...why it is not working? Please help
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