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  1. Thanks for the cfg reminder Shaun. I always forget to do that. Guess I'll give it a try.
  2. I have the current version of the DA Piper Cheyenne for FSX installed on my system. I have a repaint that was done by a friend for me a couple of years ago for the Cheyenne for FS-9. Can I install this repaint on to my current Cheyenne safely? Snave, if you read this, hello. Nice to see your name again after a long absence.
  3. That is so cool!! Thanks for the help. Sorry for the delay in my response.
  4. I was trying to turn on the surface (wing) deice system today in my Cheyenne II (FS 9), but the switch would not stay in the on position. What am I doing wrong? It's winter here, I need deicers that work!!
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