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  1. Found the solution. It was posted here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/110485-aspen-extended-elevation-problem-p3d-v2/&do=findComment&comment=746243 Basically, move the Aspen Extended Folder below the DEFAULT folder in the scenery library. I reset all of the FTX BGL's back to active (removed the OFF) and all works well.
  2. Thanks for your help Otto. Here's a screenshot of my scenery lib. NOTE: I use SIM STARTER if that makes a difference. Also, I have already disabled the KASE files in FTX Global Airports:
  3. I have a problem with 'spikes' at this airport. It's as if some of the mountain tops are poking through the runway. Also, I have elevation problems where I land on the runway and all of the sudden I'm above the runway. I did find a post similar, but it was closed down as answered. Unfortunately, the solutions was generic...I turned off a file...great, which one? Anyway, I could use some help with this. I do have ORBX LC, Vector, and KASE is disabled in the Vector Elevations Corrections...hoping some one else ran into this and can offer some suggestions.
  4. Hello, I'm new to SimStarter after just purchasing it. It ran well for a couple of days, now P3DV4.3 is stuck at this screen: It started after I went into Scenery ConfigSets to look around. I did not make any new scenery sets and I did not change anything. I closed this screen, and then clicked Run Profile (I only have the original profile created after installing SimStarter NG). 1. When P3DV4 ran, it said Creating Indexes...I made the mistake of going into SimStarter NG and clicking into Scenery ConfigSets while P3DV4 was creating the new scenery index. 2. P3DV4 then became STUCK at 32%. 3. I closed P3DV4 using Task Manager. 4. I started SimStarter and clicked Run Profile, which started P3DV4...it never got past the screen shot above. 5. I then closed P3DV4 down using the Task Manager. 6. I went into SimStarter and clicked TOOLS, Clear Facilities/Scenery Indexes. 7. I started P3DV4 by clicking Run Profile, but again, it is stuck at the start screen as shown in the screen shot above. 8. I then closed P3DV4 by using the Task Manager, and then closed SimStarter. 9. I then renamed the SimStarter DATA folder to DATA - PROBLEM and then renamed my backup data folder to DATA. 10. Restarted SimStarter and clicked Run Profile. P3DV4 is still stuck at the starting screen as shown in the screen shot above. When I say stuck, I mean after 20 minutes, this screen still shows with no other changes. I have repaired P3DV4 CLIENT, SCENERY, and CONTENT. However, it still is stuck at the Screenshot above. I could really use some help with this... EDIT: Found the problem. As usually happens, just after I make a post, I figure it out. I had to place a checkmark for Scenery ConfigSet 1. I don't believe I had to initially do this...but appears to be the case once I went into Scenery Config Sets. I wanted to share this in case someone else experiences this... Thank you.
  5. That's too bad, but I understand. Thank you for explaining this.
  6. Hi, I really like flying into and out of Gibraltar. But, the rock side of the Rock of Gibraltar seems to be very low resolution for me. I was hoping there is a setting or a higher resolution option for it, but I'm unable to find one. I have Gibraltar Professional for P3DV4.3, Version 1.10. I'm using a texture resolution of 4096 x 4096 in the graphic options in P3DV4.3. I also use ORBX landclass and their land textures are very sharp, when compared to the Rock of Gibraltar. Here's what I see:
  7. Thanks Guys! That's where I was looking..but I missed it. It is there and I appreciate your help.
  8. Hello, I'm not able to find the livery program. In searching the posts, it's explained to look in the Installation folder....I've looked and I don't know where that is. Unfortunately, the thread was closed before I could ask... Can someone show me where their installation folder is located? That should help me find where my installation folder is located... Thank you.
  9. Thank you for this information. This solved my problems too!
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