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  1. Do you, therefore, have the P3D version and can you say that the P3D version shows the gate numbers correctly?
  2. Should I assume from 0 replies that nobody else sees this anomaly or that nothing can be done about it?
  3. I believe I have the latest version of Mega EGLL Extended for FSX/FSX Steam. When I try to place my aircraft at Gate 241, the number is not shown in the FSX selection list. If I choose Gate 242, I am placed at Gate 241 but the number shown on the post beside the docking aid is 242. If I choose Gate 243, I am placed at Gate 242 and similarly for Gates 244 and 245. Can this be fixed or is there already a fix? I couldn't find any reference to this particular problem. Thank you.
  4. I have recently bought the A320/A321 for FSX and I have a problem with scrolling with the mouse wheel. For example, I should be able to control the speed setting knob by hovering over it and using the mouse wheel but, in fact, I have to hover over the brake fan switch in order for the mouse wheel to control the speed setting. This is at a 1.50 zoom and the active position varies with higher zooms and disappears with lower zooms. There is a similar offset for heading, altitude and vertical speed. I should mention that I have the same problem with other aircraft but, instead of scrolling with the mouse wheel, I can continuously press the mouse button which does work by hovering over the appropriate knob. With the A320, I don't have that option. Is there a way to remove this offset? Thanks. Dugald Walker.
  5. Original FSX with SP2. Also, for the record, I have Windows 7 64bit, i7-4790k at 4.00GHz, Nvidia GTX750Ti with 2GB memory and 8GBs RAM. I have PMDG 777 and I have Aerosoft Mega EDDF, EGLL, EHAM, plus FlyTampa CYYZ and Overland RKSI. Although I have occasional OOMs at EDDF, I have not noticed this transparency before.
  6. I recently purchased Airbus A320/A321 v1.31 for FSX and it is looking good but I have a question. From the Left Hand Seat, I looked down at the Weather Radar Control Panel and zoomed to 3.0. When the zoom went from 2.0 to 3.0, a view of the runway beneath broke through, generally covering the area of the seat cushion. The same thing occurs looking at the TCAS Panel from the Right Hand Seat, and also for the pedestal. When I rotate the view, the edge of the breakthrough area rotates as well. Is this something which can be fixed or should I just limit to zoom 2.0? Thank you. Dugald Walker.
  7. I just went ahead and reinstalled and that seems to have fixed the problems.
  8. I shall follow your recommendation and get NavDataPro. Thank you. If I have questions about how these EDDF arrivals work in real life, is this forum the best place to ask?
  9. I have version 2.0 for FSX, purchased in 2016, which came with charts dated July 2015; section 6 goes only to 6-30 and doesn't have ROLIS 2L. Perhaps you are referring to a more recent version. How could I obtain the set of charts which do contain ROLIS 2L? Also, why wouldn't the VATSIM Germany charts not have ROLIS 2L?
  10. I am sorry if I was too cryptic. I have Mega Airport Frankfurt and I try to match flights from CYYZ to EDDF with my PMDG 777. I have the 2016 package of charts from VATSIM Germany and it has charts for other ROLIS arrivals but not ROLIS 2L. I thought it must be new and I can see it (ROLI2L) in the latest AIRAC 1709 but I don't know how to use it without a chart so I was trying to find a chart.
  11. FlightAware is showing ROLIS 2L for aircraft landing on Rwy 7L but I can't find any information, even at VATSIM Germany. Can anyone tell me where I can find it? Thank you.
  12. I have MAF 2.0 for FSX and I have a question about the approach lighting. Specifically, the sequenced strobe lights are shown only sometimes; just now, they are not shown at all. Is there something I can do to fix that? All the approach and runway lights are wonderfully bright and so are the strobe lights when they are working. Also, at a zoom of 1.00, the PAPIs don't become visible until about 4.7 nm. Is this the normal distance? Thank you.
  13. With regard to the overwing jetways, I see some discussion on other forums about them being replaced with standard jetways in the G pier. This means that the satellite view in Google Maps (and FlightRadar24) showing standard jetways is more up to date than the satellite view in Bing Maps showing overwing jetways. If that is so, is there likely to be an update to reflect this change?
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