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  1. As this is some kind of "old" thread, I just wanted to post that this was also the solution to my (same) problem with PFPX "not starting", too. - Had 1.28. - Removed it - Installed 2.03 -> Problem - Removed 2.03 - Re-Installed 2.03 with install-surveillance tool - Rebooted - Started PFPX -> still problem - purged PFPX with tool (for I was believing "well, this should do it.". It didn't) - Re-newed vc-runtimes (actually now I use MSVC++ 2015-2019 in x86 and x64 version) - Rebooted - used regedit to delete mentioned "PFPX"-key (This is what I expected the tool to do - obviously doing it by hand works out.) - searched and removed any "PFPX" residuals in user-data, public-data, programs, programs(x86) -folders (and any other folder I could imagine might have been related.) - again searched registry for any further key containing FlightSimSoft.com and checked for relation to PFPX (found just one for TOPCAT but no further for PFPX. - Rebooted - Ran PFPX-installer Et voilá... it works. B.t.w.: System ist Win10Pro - automatic updates active. Took me hours and days to get this. But finally your hint was the one! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. And as always: ! PAY ATTENTION FOR YOUR REGISTRY! DO A REGISTRY BACKUP BEFOR "fiddling around" IN THIS SYSTEM'S SETTINGS. IT IS ALL IN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! This post tells, what I DID and what worked FOR ME on MY MACHINE. It is not necessarily what anyone else has to do to get it working for on any other machine. Anyway: Thanks again :)
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