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  1. As this is some kind of "old" thread, I just wanted to post that this was also the solution to my (same) problem with PFPX "not starting", too. - Had 1.28. - Removed it - Installed 2.03 -> Problem - Removed 2.03 - Re-Installed 2.03 with install-surveillance tool - Rebooted - Started PFPX -> still problem - purged PFPX with tool (for I was believing "well, this should do it.". It didn't) - Re-newed vc-runtimes (actually now I use MSVC++ 2015-2019 in x86 and x64 version) - Rebooted - used regedit to delete mentioned "PFPX"-key (This is what I expected the tool to do - obviously doing it by hand works out.) - searched and removed any "PFPX" residuals in user-data, public-data, programs, programs(x86) -folders (and any other folder I could imagine might have been related.) - again searched registry for any further key containing FlightSimSoft.com and checked for relation to PFPX (found just one for TOPCAT but no further for PFPX. - Rebooted - Ran PFPX-installer Et voilá... it works. B.t.w.: System ist Win10Pro - automatic updates active. Took me hours and days to get this. But finally your hint was the one! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. And as always: ! PAY ATTENTION FOR YOUR REGISTRY! DO A REGISTRY BACKUP BEFOR "fiddling around" IN THIS SYSTEM'S SETTINGS. IT IS ALL IN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! This post tells, what I DID and what worked FOR ME on MY MACHINE. It is not necessarily what anyone else has to do to get it working for on any other machine. Anyway: Thanks again :)
  2. Let's continue by saying that not the customer was abandoned but the product appears to. Following Thomas's or the product's web page, what else would you expect anyone to think? Of course we buy products and get products 'as they are'. But then, if you keep it this hard way... why are all those customer-care, company-support, update-info, distributor-whatever-forums available? I'll tell you why. Forums are essential for customers and makers for cummunication and information. Because not only the usability of the core-product for the customer is essential. At least in the same extend updates and information about the software are important, though there is no 'right to get them'. But also all this is very important for software makers, distributors, and so on to keep close contact to their customers, to know about their thoughts, to 'feel the market-heart beat'. All this isn't new to us. Nowadays it is part of electronic business. I'm pretty sure you'll agree to this. At least aerosoft offers this forum :-) Keeping this in mind, what would you make us write if we (customers) find a makers homepage unchanged, uncommented and more or less 'statical' for now three years? I think the wording 'abandoned product' meets it by 100%. We need each other; sellers and buyers. Nobody claimed an 'update guarantee'. But a deal is not only 1ea. software for XX money. We and you know this better. Don't try to tell us it is, please. I'd bet no one can show a company which survived this strategy more than a few years. Therefor let's end by suggesting you to think over your first sentences.
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