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    Version 1.0.0


    British Midland International 'OC' | A320-232 | G-MIDY repaint for the Aerosoft Airbus X extended edition. Readme and installation instructions included. Repaint by Will @ Vista Repaint Studios | |
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    I'm sorry, but there's really no use to those kind of posts. It's not like the developer would have forgotten they were working on a new version of BRU, only to wake up and start development again because somebody asked about it on some forum. Give them time, they'll provide updates when they feel it is opportune to do so.
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    Two new ones! Can't resist when I see the beauty of a persian Tomcat! Cheers, Radium
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    Hello! It's my first post there, as I was suggested by a friend to post here my screenshots. I am literally in love with iranian tomcats, then, I am happy to present some screenshots of this beautiful aircraft over snowy Alborz mounts, and Sangan sandy mountains. I made this Iranese sceneries by myself. Thank you, dear Aerosoft team for creating this aircraft, Cheers, Radium
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