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About This File

Attention! Please start AES Help after the movement of the textures to activate the textures!

Two files included:

AES LSG FSX ONLY: ONLY for FSX (with High-End PC-Configuration) with HQ textures

AES LSG FS9&FSX: For FSX and FS9 with DXT1 textures


Annotation for AES v.2.23:

It's not possible yet to use the "catering" repaints on more then one or less then all airports.

Decide which one you would take.

Or rename all of the files:

e.g.: AES-VN-07-01-XXXX in AES-VN-07-01-EDDF

If you rename the last four numbers to an ICAO-code, this repaint will only show up on this airport and not on others!

You can download the GG package and use it for all airports and then download the LSG package to use it on an airport of your choice.

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • - add Tags (FS9/FSX), file not changed.

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