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  1. gforce800

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Here you go CustomerAircraftData.cfg
  2. gforce800

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Hi, if I arrive at the gate and shut my engines off, only the jetway will connect but not the ground handling, do I need to do a specific action to activate it?
  3. I don't mean default scenery, I mean payware sceneries like T2G Munich, UK2000 Heathrow etc. the only exception where I do have a problem with VAS is FlyTampa Toronto and MA Frankfurt v2. And my settings are fairly good.
  4. I understand that the virtual cabin is not the most needed thing for the simulation, but are you sure that it east as much VAS? Because all the PMDG products do have it, and I have never been running low on VAS with their products. (just asking )
  5. hi gforce800 i was wondering if you could please send me this livery been looking everywhere for it dude my email is 

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      Thank you so much buddy :)


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      its me again. I was wondering if I can ask for one last favour and that will be for this travel service livery. much appreciated in advance. 



  6. I personally would prefer and empty seat than this, to be honest.
  7. gforce800

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Here I have another picture showing the weird textures in more detail. I get the same with and without HDR. It seems that many people are having this issue in P3D.
  8. So does that mean that we will have to enter manually the wind prediction for every single waypoint of the flight route?
  9. Hi guys, i came up with this idea. As many of us are experiencing OOMs and CTDs, it would be nice to have an easy auto-save feature build in directly in the AS A330, the idea is, that the feature could save the Flight Plan route from the MCDU, the performance data, the payload, panels and all this stuff (an auto-save would be made every 5 minutes) and after a crash you would just restart the simulator and just load the last auto-save from the MCDU. Also it could save the aircraft position by crating a P3D/FSX flight save (.fxml files) at the same time as the auto-save of the MCDU and panels. Would this be possible to add to the A330X? What are your opinions?
  10. gforce800

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Hi Premek, any news about an upcoming update which will fix the disappearing jetways, "colourful" runway textures and not working jetway at stand 4? Regards
  11. gforce800

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Hi, my PC Specs: GTX745 2GB, Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.6 GHz, Windows 10 Home 64bit, Prepar3D v3.3 (i also had the problem on v3.2). It happened with the PMDG 737NGX and the AS A320, but i have not tried with other aircraft by now.
  12. to me the gear modelling looks finito