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  1. Haha...nice!
  2. Deactivated DX10 but still no PAPIs Then I switched back to DX10, added the "new" lights again, ran the Scenery Fixer and the PAPIs are back BUT I suspect the separation planes are wrong. Sometimes the PAPIs stay red or white eventhough you're moving through the correct glide path. Here's a short video I made showing the problem: papi_mkmadeira.mp4 The overall visibility is way better with the new files though!
  3. Very first the new lights were all white then suddenly all red viewed from distance (on correct glide path) and then after running DX10 Scenery Fixer again they completely disappeared...
  4. Just asking, could you provide the corrected PAPI light file as a quick fix before it's added to the main update? I'm sure it takes a while before the "big" update is ready.
  5. I guess Madeira is a nightmare for developers . You did a great job though!
  6. I've got another small issue with Madeira X Evolution (FSX SP2, DX10 with Scenery Fixer). Traffic is turning the wrong way on RWY05 and on RWY23. Planes are supposed to make a right turn on the turning pad but the traffic leaves the runway on the wrong side turning left. I'm using Ultimate Traffic 2 Also: Is it possible to remove the specular effect on the mesh in front of runway 05? It looks like the front is made of plastic... This is how it looks on my system: spec.mp4 Marcel Kade
  7. Sounds good. I wonder how the PAPI lights were done in the old version since they worked perfectly fine.
  8. I like the new Madeira scenery but there's a problem with the PAPI lights. They aren't visible during the approach. They are only visible when zoomed in or being very close to them. Somehting is off with the scaling of the lights. I'm using FSX SP2, DX10 with Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer PAPI during approach not visible. (Please ignore the's a replay ;-) ) Now on zoom level 1.5 they are barely visible And on zoom level 8 they are fully visible but somewhat dim as is the rest of the airport lighting The same problem applies for daylight. It's even worse then because there's no contrast between the lights and the airport background. Marcel Kade
  9. Looks amazing as always! Great work
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Bhutan Airlines Livery for the Aerosoft Airbus A319 CFM Registration: A5-BAC ("DORJI") Repaint by Marcel Kade (Fangzahn Aviation Studios)
  11. This is why I love Aerosoft! I don't have to pay twice for the same files....our passion for flight simulation is expensive enough
  12. Ok, someone didn't like my joke about Christmas 2020...didn't know it was so bad that it had to be removed (isn't that a little harsh?).... I don't care if the A330 is finished this year or next year but it will be a great product as always. Take your time.
  13. Duh..this project is now a virtual "BER"
  14. That's great news!!
  15. As a plane spotter I can say that it's almost impossible to see the cabin or even passengers through the tiny windows unless you're really really close to the airplane. I'd rather have those extra frames for the flight dynamics or at least a smaller VAS usage ;-)