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  1. PFPX hotfix 1.28.4

    I can confirm the XP issue. PFPX updated from 1.2.3 to 1.2.8. Then update applied. Visual C++ Redistributable Update 3 installed => Result: PFPX will not launch. EDIT: Is there any way to unlink my XP computer (without launching PFPX) so I could install PFPX on my Win10 computer?
  2. Dear Jarkko,
    I'm still a bit of a newbie so please excuse me for any dumb question.
    I am looking for any PFPX aircraft file for the ERJ 135 and 135. Somewhere I read you have some... I would be more than happy if you could help me.

    Greetings from Belgium.
    My mail: egbert.hertsen@telenet.be


    If you have any questions about ProATC, please let me know on the ProATC's official support forum. I'll be glad to help (I'm a beta team member). I would like to mention, that ProATC isn't compatible with X-Plane 10 and no plans of supporting XP10 that I know of.
  4. Turun lentonäytöksestä tulossa hävittäjien lobbaustilaisuus #uutisvahti http://t.co/xSrjb2LjZk http://t.co/dglxufMGw2

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  6. "Ja äkkiä minulla ei ollut enää työtä, kotia tai moottoripyörää" | Yle Uutiset | yle.fi http://t.co/s0eFSA4M9D

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  9. RT @mcclure111: Which of the following sequences of letters do you suppose you have typed more times, in your life "I love you" "grep"

  10. Hyppy avaruuden rajalta rikkoi huiman ennätyksen – syöksy ylitti äänennopeuden #uutisvahti http://t.co/736Ycgc005 http://t.co/dFh8kaLoGu

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