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  1. I agree, I truly dislike these "managers" I would prefer these options/fuel settings/payload settings integrated within the virtual cockpit.
  2. Wauw those are some great images Mathijs, love the window sill detail, Amazing! But just on question are the lighting switches inverted, or is that because you are using Lufthansa standard?
  3. I was thinking no more free a330 anymore, but we stil could guess. Also are we allowed to play for moderator on this forum as member?
  4. Its only modeled if their reference plane has it, clear answer to that was already given before your question. As to who flies it today, probably Korean.
  5. At the end of the video it says 2015 for the A330, so I guess there is a possibility of new aircraft flying with this system, its also available for retrofit, so older airbus can be fitted with this system as well.
  6. No Coffee, no reply either

    Well I saw your post, changed it the coffee and got an error on start up. So its correctly spelled. Now I don't use any voices in the flight deck so I don't know if it plays or not. What have you tried to fix it?
  7. Thanks Mathijs, but I never understand why all the liveries are included in the paintkit, I just need a blank one. Same with the busses.
  8. One of the reasons why the airbus paint kit is so awful