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    Update issues

    Hello, When I try to add products to my account it says that I am not verified and to respod to the email. I don't have the email. Is there a way to get a new verification email? DELETED Danke, Scott
  2. Another example of a smart-ass answer from mopperle. Why can't you just answer the question and be helpful like 'Tom A320'
  3. I wasn't trying to hijacking anything, just asking a question. Thanks for the answer. Why can't you just give the answer or point me in the right direction without accusing someone of hijacking something.
  4. Good Morning, I just downloaded and installed the bus, but when I start P3D and select "A319 Lufthansa NeueFlotte D-AIBA" for the tutorial flight the engines are already running and the MCDU will not let me select the ACFT state. The ACFT state option is grayed out.also I have this weird lightening in front of the Bus. Still reading but a quick answer would be nice if someone knows. Thank You
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