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    Your best Screenshot

    Formation flying at FL360
  2. No its day time. The images are 4K and I can clearly read them. Anyhow here is the first (where the CL did not detect Eng 1 was stablized) in a more bright version
  3. In case there are "any info in the difference", here is a screenshoot (some time) after I applied thrust and the CL detected that the engine was stablizied, and it had moved on.
  4. I was "lucky" to provoke the problem again, in the first try. This time around I started engine 2 during the puchback, and the CL did detect this and reported that "Engine 2 is stabliized". Then I waited for the GSX pushback to finish, and after I got the hand signal, I started engine 1. This time the CL did however not detect the engine had been started. As you can see on the ND I had the "chrono" run for at least +2 minutes. I then applied some thrust to engine 1 for a few seconds, before setting it to idle, and once the engines had spooled down the CL detected that the engine 1 had stabilized.
  5. Sure Rolf, will do if it happens again. As i wrote I have only run into this problem on a single flight so far (think I did 5 or6 over the weekend). Pelle
  6. On my last flight the CL did not detect engines were started. I used the CL from C&D with the copilot enabled. After (GSX) pushback I started both engines, but the CL never detected that the engines were started. Normally I here the voice of the pilot saying "engine X stablilized" (or something along that line). Also the titlebar kept telling me to follow the instrcutions of GSX. I waited 2-3 minutes to see of the CL would eventually detect that the engines were running, but it did not. With the brakes on (so I did not move) I then applied some thrust to one engine, and then moved the thrust lever back to idle, and then when the engine had spooled down the CL would finally trigger the "Engine X Stabilized" message. I then did the same to the other egine (applied a little trust for a few seconds, and moved the thrust lever back to idle, and waited for the engine to spool down), and this triggered the "Engine X Stabilized" message for the other engine, and finally the CL moved on. This was experienced using a model with the IAE engines. Pelle
  7. pellelil

    "Slow" speed on Descent

    Looking at the screen shot ... Did I simply forget pressing "Activate Appr Phase" ?
  8. On the tutorial flight from EDDF to EGLL the descent started fine, but early in the descent the plane reduced to 208'ish (way before needing to reduce to 250 at 10K). The enclosed screen shot is at +FL130, but at that time it had already been at the deduced speed for some time. I tried to look for the cause of this slow descent speed (being new to Airbus), but did not find the smoking gun !? Pelle
  9. pellelil

    Bundle already??

    Thank you very much for that decision. Now I have a full weekend learning to fly this beast, as I had decide to wait for the bundle :-)
  10. pellelil

    Navigation Database

    As others have written the current Navigraph FMS Data Manager cannot find the folder, however when manually setting up the FMS data manager, and set it up to use the correct folder ("C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph"), then FMS still add a subfolder called "Navigraph" into which it install all the files. I can manually take the files from this subfolder and then it works. But I guess when Navigrah fully support the new Airbus, it will no longer create this subfolder.
  11. They are software developers ... They need a Coca cola and/or an extra cup of Coffee ... it takes one to know one ;-)
  12. Is a Freight-variant of the 330 scheduled?