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  1. That sounds like a very nice offer. I can't however ship it with any flightplans included (except perhaps for one), as those I have used here are from AIG. So for the program to have any real value the users will have to download/import all the flightplans themselves. Here in this example I have imported +400 AIG flightplans, but naturally fewer will still give a lot of flights to fly ;-) You are welcome to PM me, if you have any questions. Pelle EDIT: Having said that its easy to import most flightplans, as you simply have to pick the ZIP-file (e.g. downloaded from AIG) and then it will automatically unzip it and parse the files. Once I had all my support data-files in the air, I think I spend 2-3 hours importing all those +400 files. Here are the screen shots for importing a single file:
  2. Naturally, however its not ready yet. I am working on the se arch-features (last step), and hope to release it for beta-testing within the the next 7-14 days, and if nothing blows up, it will be released. As of now I can filter on Flightplans and Aircrafts, but I need to implement filter on Airport/Country/Regiion/Subregion and time/distance (e.g. I want to find all flights in/out of EDDM in a A320 lasting between 1½ and 2½ hours). Pelle
  3. I'm working on some software that can visualize (AI) flightplans. In this software you can search across multiple (AI) flightplans to find those that meet your criteria. So while testing it I tried to find all routes served by A320 or A321 (input is based on +400 AIG flightplans): So if you plan to fly them all when the A320/A321 releases you will be busy for a few days :-) Pelle
  4. Look again, it has nothing to do with the livery. All 4 liveries you see in the left side are 318's, even though the note tabe "A319 IAE" is highlighted on startup. Once you start clicking on the other note tabs it will show the correct liveries in the listview, and if you click on the "A319 IAE" notetab (after having clicked one of the other two's) the listview will show the correct liveries. Only on start up its wrong.
  5. After upgrading to I began reinstalling my liveries. I first added a 318 livery and then I exited out of the Livery Manager and started it again. When first opening the the Livery Manager you can see the "A319 IAE" note tab is highlighed, however it shows the liveries for the "A318 CFM" (including the "Aegean" I had just installed):
  6. Just close this subject. The Dissapearing Configurator is due to Window defener as in this subject: Pelle
  7. After installing the update, the A3xx Confiugurator have disappeared. Pelle Edit: The folder is still there, but its empty
  8. Rolf I loaded her up (IAE) at ENGM a cold winter morning (in icing condition), and GSX told me to wait starting the engines until after the push had finished, and parking brakes were applied. I waited setting "MODE" to "IGN/START" until after the push (and after the parking brakes was set). Then I started engine 2, got the "stabilized", started engine 1, got the "stabilized", and the CL continued as it should. I guess my initial problem was I started engine 2 during the push, and waited to start engine 1 until after the push. So feel free to lock this issue down, and thanks for explaining my fault. Pelle
  9. Ok, thanks Rolf. But what about wither operations (icing conditions). As I recall GSX will ask you to not start engines until after the pushback has finished and you have applied parking brakes. Pelle
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    Formation flying at FL360
  11. No its day time. The images are 4K and I can clearly read them. Anyhow here is the first (where the CL did not detect Eng 1 was stablized) in a more bright version
  12. In case there are "any info in the difference", here is a screenshoot (some time) after I applied thrust and the CL detected that the engine was stablizied, and it had moved on.
  13. I was "lucky" to provoke the problem again, in the first try. This time around I started engine 2 during the puchback, and the CL did detect this and reported that "Engine 2 is stabliized". Then I waited for the GSX pushback to finish, and after I got the hand signal, I started engine 1. This time the CL did however not detect the engine had been started. As you can see on the ND I had the "chrono" run for at least +2 minutes. I then applied some thrust to engine 1 for a few seconds, before setting it to idle, and once the engines had spooled down the CL detected that the engine 1 had stabilized.
  14. Sure Rolf, will do if it happens again. As i wrote I have only run into this problem on a single flight so far (think I did 5 or6 over the weekend). Pelle
  15. On my last flight the CL did not detect engines were started. I used the CL from C&D with the copilot enabled. After (GSX) pushback I started both engines, but the CL never detected that the engines were started. Normally I here the voice of the pilot saying "engine X stablilized" (or something along that line). Also the titlebar kept telling me to follow the instrcutions of GSX. I waited 2-3 minutes to see of the CL would eventually detect that the engines were running, but it did not. With the brakes on (so I did not move) I then applied some thrust to one engine, and then moved the thrust lever back to idle, and then when the engine had spooled down the CL would finally trigger the "Engine X Stabilized" message. I then did the same to the other egine (applied a little trust for a few seconds, and moved the thrust lever back to idle, and waited for the engine to spool down), and this triggered the "Engine X Stabilized" message for the other engine, and finally the CL moved on. This was experienced using a model with the IAE engines. Pelle