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  1. Can someone please tell me how you export a route from PFPX to the Cap Sim 757 III with P3v4? Clicking Captain Sim does not work. Tx so much
  2. oh, I got it! Tx so much!!
  3. Ok, got the Hotfix in and will try the correct path. use RTE for the 747 then? ty
  4. I am sure this is well covered somewhere here but I can't find the proper way to export flight plans to these 2 aircraft with P3v4. I just started using P3v4, had no problem with FSX however. Where do you put the destination and which PMDG box do you check? RTE? etc.. Thank you
  5. kplastique

    Livery Problems

    Thank you for your help. I did figure out an easy way to do it. Download temp>Download folder> drag and drop in LM. It works!! Thank you!
  6. kplastique

    Livery Problems

    Hi, I know this is well covered territory, but I cannot download the liveries. I did it once and it worked about 6 months ago, but now I forget how to. I make the Livery Manager administrative, but when i add the liveries nothing shows up. Then when i retry, it says the livery is already added even though I can't see anything and it is not added to the list. What am i missing...... Thanks so much!!!