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  1. kplastique

    Unable to Start Up.

    Downloaded and updated the Airbus product (all four aircraft), but they all look like this and I cannot start them? What's the deal? Tx Ken
  2. Can someone please tell me how you export a route from PFPX to the Cap Sim 757 III with P3v4? Clicking Captain Sim does not work. Tx so much
  3. oh, I got it! Tx so much!!
  4. Ok, got the Hotfix in and will try the correct path. use RTE for the 747 then? ty
  5. I am sure this is well covered somewhere here but I can't find the proper way to export flight plans to these 2 aircraft with P3v4. I just started using P3v4, had no problem with FSX however. Where do you put the destination and which PMDG box do you check? RTE? etc.. Thank you