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  1. 12bPilot

    [FSX] Værøy X: All 3D scenery disappears.

    Sorry, unable to install that FSInn1.3 into my Win10 setup here...some ocx file needs a dplayx.dll from DirectX 6.1 (!).
  2. 12bPilot

    [FSX] Værøy X: All 3D scenery disappears.

    What's the name of that VATSIM software? Maybe I can download it and try it here...
  3. 12bPilot

    Mega Airport Oslo V2 and SODE

    Hey @Christoffer, try to re-download the full GSX installer from FSDT. I also had troubles getting the SODE jetways to dock via GSX, re-downloading the full installer fixed it for me.
  4. 12bPilot

    Værnes v2 config manager error

    For the guys who don't have an entry for SODE in the Add-Ons menu in the sim: Could you please give this updated SODE version a try -> http://sode.12bpilot.ch/?wpdmpro=sode-v1-5-2 It contains a fixed SODEPlatformManager.exe Thanks and sorry for the hassles...
  5. 12bPilot

    Værnes v2 config manager error

    Which v3 version are you running? 3.4? 3.3? 3.2?
  6. 12bPilot

    SODE issues

    Not released yet...
  7. 12bPilot

    SODE issues

    Nothing to worry about... I was optimizing the code and those errors got mistakenly introduced in V1.4.2. Technical background info: I was removing key-press handlers when no customized menu is needed, but forgot to remove the corresponding SimConnect API call. That's why SimConnect is moaning about non-existing handlers...Doesn't change the behaviour of SODE nor does it crash something. Fixed in V1.4.3 by the way... Also, I have degraded the VDGS message in the log from WARN to INFO in V1.4.3. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. 12bPilot


    The SODE modules are running according your screenshots. If the objects are missing, then either the xml placement file is not installed (unlikely in your case) or the fsx.cfg SimObjectsPath numbering sequence is not continuous. See this thread for a "pre-Release" of the SODE Platform Manager utility which is able to detect and fix this config error.
  9. 12bPilot

    Issue with LIMC

    Yes, I know. With I meant with uncommon is that if you followed Lockheed Martin's recommendation of using the Prepar3D.exe command line calls to install your add-on, Prepar3D.exe will sort the entries by itself and creates a strictly continuous sequence 0, 1, 2, 3 etc... If some other add-on installer however directly edits the file, then maybe their internal sorting reshuffles the entries as 0, 1, 10, 11, 2, 3 like you pointed out. This is what a numeric sort() function will generate. The problem is that I as a developer must adhere to some standard/convention to detect what is right and what is wrong, and in this case, I assumed that Lockheed Martin's method is the correct one. Fortunately, P3D will still load with the numbers re-shuffled. But when I use the P3D.exe command line call to remove SODE for example, then the numbering will be changed to 0, 1, 2, etc again. So this should be correct in my eyes. I still do not understand why other developers still directly edit the config files (dll.xml, exe.xml, simobjects.cfg and many more!), when LM has provided us an elegant way to install our add-ons into P3D which will work without any errors! Editing directly has a potential to mess things up or break a standard set by LM. But that's not the point of this thread, so... Thanks for your input, though. For my part, I will certainly not renumber to 01, 02, 03 etc...I just use what LM has intended to...
  10. 12bPilot

    Issue with LIMC

    Thanks for your file. So your file is basically correct, the only "uncommon" thing is that after entry 0 and 1, the numbers 10 and 11 follow...this got the PlatformManager confused. So I changed that piece of code so that the PlatformManager only looks for gaps or duplicates within the numbering, but disregards if the numbers are shuffled. This is not allowed in the FSX.cfg by the way, but it seems Prepar3D has no problem with shuffled entries, as long as there are no gaps or duplicates. Anyway, get the updated utility here: SODEPlatformManager_20DEC16.zip It should now indicate that your setup is correct and SODE registered.
  11. 12bPilot

    Issue with LIMC

    Thanks for the explanation. Of course it is tested with P3D! But I cannot cover every case of misconfigured sim setups on the user end. Your description tells me that there is something wrong with the simobjects.cfg. Can you attach the file here? You can find it at: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 EDIT: Found out that if the simobjects.cfg contains duplicate number entries (Entry.X), SODE Platform Manager (and also Prepar3D!) is not able to edit the file, because it forms an invalid cfg file structure! Therefore, the Platform Manager is not able to repair it. Even worse, it will remove all entries and only add the SODE entries. So, I have removed the auto-repair functionality for Prepar3D platforms. Instead, a message box will inform the user to manually edit the file! So don't use the repair button for the Prepar3D platform! Your simobjects.cfg should have never gotten into that invalid state in the first place. I suspect you or some add-on installer has directly edited the file and messed up the entry numbers leaving a malformed cfg file which neither SODE PlatformManager nor Prepar3D is able to read/repair. I exclude the SODE Platform Manager being the source of evil because it doesn't directly touch any config file of Prepar3D, but uses the native Prepar3D.exe command line calls to register the add-on with the sim, which I expect to be functioning correctly.
  12. 12bPilot

    Issue with LIMC

    Those are not errors, just warnings. SODE will run normally even if those messages are present. As I said, only Drzewiecki Design uses the SDX file structure, all others use the normal XML for SODE placement. And since there are no XML warnings/errors in the log, everything is fine. That's why I asked what exactly the "error" is in sanyok's case, the description is very vague...
  13. 12bPilot

    Issue with LIMC

    You can safely ignore these warnings: VDGS Pack is not released yet and the cfg and sdx stuff is only used by Drzewiecki Design sceneries. So if you don't have anything from them that uses SODE, then those lines can be ignored. You wrote "the error returns"...what exactly "returns"? Some kind of pop-up error message? I need precise information, else I'm not able to propose a possible solution.
  14. 12bPilot

    Issue with LIMC

    Hi Joe, Just as Juergen has pointed out, I also suspect the numbering sequence is not correct in your fsx.cfg. If you want to try, I have much improved the SODEPlatformManager utility and it is now able to detect and repair several configuration error cases including incorrect SimObjectPath numbering. Download the utility here: SODEPlatformManager_20DEC16.zip Replace the one at C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE with the new one. If the numbering is indeed incorrect, the PlatformManager will display this message, clicking on repair will fix the numbering: If the objects still don't show up, then you can post your SODE.log. In the PlatformManager, go to Tools -> Show Log.
  15. So did you even try to check your file in a online validator? Alright, I'll just give it away...you or the IvAp installer probably copy-pasted the IvAp entry to the end of the file, making the whole xml invalid. Fix: Remove the line </SimBase.Document> and add it to the end of the file. This is the closing tag of the entire xml document. This action will make your xml valid again and SODE and all other modules can be loaded by the sim. Not caused by SODE but it detected your corrupted sim configuration.