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  1. Aes Sinking In Wiii

    no problem @ WIIJ......i haven't try WRSJ yet.. Thanks
  2. Aes Sinking In Wiii

    and what about the files for WIIJ and WRSJ? are the old one still valid? Thanks
  3. Aes Sinking In Wiii

    Hi Oliver, do you have the file for AES v196? (fix elevation in WIII) Thank you.. best regards, Baba
  4. Aes Sinking In Wiii

    Hi Oliver, do you have the file for AES v196? (fix elevation in WIII) Thank you.. best regards, Baba
  5. Aes Sinking In Wiii

    Great!! Thanks a lot! :)
  6. Pushback At Wiij

    Sorry if i'm wrong about this. arent those file to fix problem with pushback car in WIIJ and WRSJ? I was post a thread about different elevation with AES and WIII before which then i solved by removing some mesh addon in my addon scenery.( before the forum updated) In my thread you also post 1 file to fix the problem, that is what i'm looking for. Big thanks for the effort Oliver. cheers,
  7. Aes Sinking In Wiii

    Actually there was another one in the old forum which i was the thread starter. The thread has gone since the forum is updated. So i need help from everyone who had downloaded the file according to elevation differences from AES and WIII, or perhaps Oliver could do another post Thank you so much ) ( sorry if i mistaken) cheers,
  8. Pushback At Wiij

    Hi Oliver, Can you post again the file to fix elevation in WIII? I think it also lost with the old forum. Thank you so much
  9. Aes Sinking In Wiii

    That is not the one. Thanks..
  10. Aes Sinking In Wiii

    Yes, i manage to solve the problem by disabling some addon mesh. But i havent try the file that Oliver gave in that thread before, so if he could post it again here..since the old thread has gone. Thanks b 4 !
  11. Dear all, I was looking for my post about this problem but couldnt find it. In that post Oliver was giving one file to fix the problem. Anybody can help me to get the file? Thanks a bunch!
  12. AES problem in WIII Jakarta

    Dear Oliver, Problem solved! It conflict with couple mesh addon in my library which are Indonesia mesh and Java mesh. I haven't try it with FSGlobal2008 yet to see if it works. Thank you...really appreciate it. Best regards, prarez
  13. AES problem in WIII Jakarta

    i've tried to use ...AES/SCENERY and ...AES/TEXTURE as WIII scenery folder. i put all wiii scenery and texture in AES. This is what happen..
  14. AES problem in WIII Jakarta

    Thank you for your quick response. What files to unpack? is it WIII afcad file? do i need to reinstall WIII in aeshelp? Thank you.