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  1. Compliment to complaint Ratio: Let's raise it up....any takers? Dear Aerosoft Staff/Aerosoft Customers I have been extremely impressed over watching the CRJ preview thread, on how much Aerosoft Staff have been beat up on, in terms of the CRJ project taking so long. I have seen complaint after complaint lobbed at you all, and it all has been handled with grace, restraint, and the up-most professionalism. Mathijs and Hans have taken the brunt of the negative comments, but have never seem to let the negativity get to them, (or at least if it did, they never showed it in public). The honesty of Mathijs, and thus Aerosoft management is second to no one. (Mathijs I wish you were government official; we all need more honestly from those folks these days, they could take a lesson or two from your actions). My point is that there is more complaints on this thread than there is praise and positive encouragement to Aerosoft staff who have been working the CRJ project. What I would like to do, is see if we can change that by "flooding" this thread with positive encouraging comments. No complaining about missed release dates or how long it's been taking, or other related items to the CRJ etc. (if you'd like to complain you are still free to do so, but please rethink about it) The Aerosoft staff has been running a very long and tired marathon with the CRJ project. They have shown us nothing but love, so let's do that in return. Any takers? I will start off first in the next post. Hope to see all the positive encouragement, and comments of support, cheering these guys on, as they get closer to the CRJ finish line! Captain Mark 737 NGX Driver To all at Aerosoft and also Hans, Thank you all for your energy and hard work on the CRJ project. Thank you for putting up with endless complaints. Thank you for your dedication, perseverance, and focus on the CRJ project, even when juggling multiple balls with other projects. I look forward to flying the CRJ, and know that it will be a top tier product, that will provide endless hours of enjoyment. Hope you all have a great day/evening, and please keep your self’s safe during the hectic work schedules. Captain Mark 737 NGX Driver
  2. To all Devs, testers, and staff at Aerosoft involved on one of the longest running development projects for FSX/P3D; the CRJ: Thank you for your efforts, for your determination to see this project through to release, and for putting up with years upon years of negative comments on this forum, and endless complaints about how long it's taken to release this project. Please know that there are a ton of us virtual pilots and real world pilots who know that at the end of the day, this product will bring hours upon hours of enjoyment and learning experiences flying the CRJ. Hope everyone has a great day! -Mark
  3. Hey Mathijs, You're a rock star in the flight sim community! Hope it's ok to post this. If not my apologies. Hope everyone has a good day. -Mark
  4. Thank you very much Frank!!!! Appreciate you. -Mark
  5. Good day everyone, If it is possible, would some of the beta testers post some more screen shots of your adventures with the CRJ? Been a while since we've seen some shots, and would be nice to have some fresh content on this thread. Hope everyone has a good day/night. Thank you to all that are working on getting the CRJ completed, we will surely love flying this bird. Best regards, -Mark
  6. Yes sorry, I meant .7 Thanks for the reply. Hope you all have a good day, and we will fully appreciate the amount of effort that has went into this project once it's released.
  7. How readable are the instruments on 1920x1080 with the default zoom of 70 in the VC? It's too hard to tell from the screen shots. This is going to be an awesome aircraft! Keep up the good work!!! It's gonna be worth the wait!!!
  8. Dana Medic, What's wrong is people like you who thinks it's ok be be rude like you are! Its ok to ask questions, it's NOT ok to be a jerk like you and be rude to those who are asking. If it's a questions that annoys you please do us all a favor and just keep your snarky remarks to yourself! To all at Aersoft and DA who are working this project: Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication seeing this project through to it's fullest potential. We all appreciate you, and have full confidence that when this is released it will be a great add on that the community will highly value, and appreciate. Hope you all have a good day, and keep up the good work!