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  1. Fantastic Trippe

    Well done Mike! Great to see propliners being used, that was definitely the way to do it in style. The commentaries were thoroughly enjoyable.
  2. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    It certainly is! And the longer body Super VC10 looked even better.
  3. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    The last leg... back to my starting point at London Heliport. Just 10 miles across London, with some sightseeing detours on the way. In the Bell 47 (making sure I satisfy the pre-1970s category) at RAF Northolt: Spotted Wembley Stadium as I headed towards central London so decided to do a fly-over. Flying up a Thames, seeing some familiar landmarks: ....and finally, about to touch down at London Heliport. After a quick taxi ride back to the Reform Club..... finished! Great idea for an event by Aerosoft, thanks to Mathijs and others for making it happen. The challenge of getting to grips with the aircraft used in somewhat more depth than is often required for a simple sim flight was very enjoyable and rewarding, and the context of the event gave the flying a greater sense of purpose. I was very happy with the aircraft chosen, and will probably fly them more often as a result. I hope all my fellow participants enjoyed the experience also.
  4. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    The Transatlantic Leg: New York LaGuardia to RAF Northolt, London Slight change from my original plan for this one, as a Vickers VC10 has come available at short notice. The VC10 surprisingly still holds the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by a subsonic airliner. To land in daylight, I will make a late evening departure from LaGuardia. Winds are good, especially early on in the flight. Range is no issue for this aircraft! Preparing for departure. On the way out Approaching Ireland and sunrise Over mid-Wales Flying the arrival On final for RAF Northolt Home! But not quite finished.... I started at London Heliport, remember? One short hop by helicopter left...
  5. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    Almost! You'd need to shave about 20 mins off the flight time, which might be tricky as the winds will generally be against you going from right to left. An interesting challenge for another day though!
  6. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    I decided to do the flight from San Francisco to New York in one go, in the Lightning. A very nice morning in California: looking south, just after takeoff Did I just come from there? A nice one of the Bay from ca. 20,000ft There's snow in the mountains.... I passed just to the south of Lake Tahoe I was going for a compromise between speed and air-to-air refuelling breaks; I ended up going for M1.3-1.4 and refuelling about every 30 minutes. If you're quick you can catch yourself going through M1.0. Somewhere over the Midwest I think. Saw this nice one with the moon Landed at La Guardia, flight time approximately 3 hours 20 minutes. That might well be the last I'll see of the Lightning on this trip, as I've just heard of a Vickers VC-10 that might be available which would be a perfect choice for the transatlantic flight.
  7. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    Just arrived at the Tonga Room in the Fairmont in San Francisco, where apparently the drinks are on MM! So, the story of the flight from Adak. This one is the longest in my plan, 2408nm, and fuel will have to be carefully conserved and watched. Fortunately I was able to fly on a day when winds were favourable, making it a little more comfortable. "Make sure those tanks are full to the top!" Departure The offset cockpit of the Canberra PR9 Hmm, not sure I'm going to get there in daylight... That's a familiar-looking bridge down there.... On approach into KSFO: shall I take 28L or 28R? I landed with around 40 minutes fuel reserve. Next stop Omaha on the way to New York, I'm thinking of taking the Lightning for the two cross-country flights.
  8. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    Next up is the trans-Pacific section of the journey. While some have opted for the longer but sunnier Hawaiian route, I have stuck as close to the geat circle route to San Francisco as possible, which takes you much further north. The maximum range of the Canberra is around 3300nm, so I will need a stop. Adak Island in the Aleutians has an airport with a 7000ft runway and adds a mere 16 miles to the 4000nm+ great circle route, so this was my destination. In late November though, the weather can be "challenging" is this area of the world, so I had to make sure the forecast for the ETA at Adak was at least good enough. The modern airport has an ILS but this isn't in P3D, so in case of bad weather my nearest alternate would be Eareckson air base on Shemya Island, some 350+ miles away so I would need to keep some fuel in reserve just in case I needed to divert there. Almost this entire leg will be over ocean so it won't be a particularly scenic flight! My last sight of land, not long after departure from Haneda: Some from cruise. I was nicely in the jetstream at FL360, had a 150kt tail wind component for the first hour or more. I was expecting a GS of around 400kts for the flight, but was closer to 600kts for much of it, which made for a much shorter flight time. Land is sighted! One of the Aleutian chain below. I was in cloud for most of my approach, and was relieved to drop below the bottom of the clouds around 500ft and see the runway lights ahead. Someone in the tower got this photo just before landing. I now understand the colour scheme of this aircraft! If it wasn't for the lights and landing gear, there wouldn't be much to see. Next up will be the 2400nm flight to San Francisco, the longest in my whole plan. Will have to pick my opportunity for this one, I will be watching for favourable winds!
  9. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    Some photos from the "Mach 2" Shanghai to Yokohama leg. Proof that I made it to Mach 2.0 ... ... followed shortly by a refuelling session! A bit more afterburner action: It clouded over as I descended into Tokyo Haneda: Down safe.
  10. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    An excellent point kalizzi, however I don't believe the model comes in a clean configuration, I looked for that before I started.
  11. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    Moving on to Yokohama, or Tokyo Haneda as it will be for me. Having done a "sensible" run in the Lightning, it's time to unleash this beast. Plan is takeoff, 400kt climb to FL340, refuel, then hit the throttles for a bit of Mach 2.0. After that... well, let's see if I can find a nice compromise between speed and fuel consumption! Unfortunately I've had to take down my P3D PC for the week immediately after the flight and I didn't remember to grab the pics before I took it down so the nice photos of the Lightning at full afterburner will have to wait until the weekend, sorry! I can however present my duenna verification image and link. Error/red border due to refuelling, as expected. The story: well, I established that even if you refuel immediately before, a M2.0 run at FL340 doesn't last long! 10 minutes if you're lucky, while you watch the fuel gauge wind down. I had good a tailwind but it was rather turbulent, it would have been a very uncomfortable ride. Refueled again, then tried to find a better compromise. It looks as though around M1.4-1.5 will give you about 40-45 minutes on a full tank, not bad and will certainly get you where you're going quickly! To get out of the turbulence I finished up the cruise at FL410 before refueling for the third and last time then headed down into Tokyo Haneda. That was a lot of fun but I think I'll be taking the Canberra across the Pacific!
  12. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    Next stop Shanghai, and I'm going to try it in the Lightning. It was built as a short-range interceptor, so let's see how it works out for long distance point-to-point flying. So, starting from Hong Kong Kai Tak, leaving the Canberra behind: The next bit passed very, er, quickly and photos weren't really an option. The plan was a 400kt climb to 34,000ft, refuel, then continue. According to the Duenna tracker, I was at FL340 two minutes into the flight. Having topped up my tanks, I then set about finding a comfortable cruise. By the book, the best range in a Lightning could be achieved at an altitude of 36,000ft at M0.87. I found this would easily give me enough range for the rest of the trip so went into supercruise at M1.05 for the majority of the flight. The Lightning is quite happy to make a fast descent so I started this about 60nm out from ZSSS. On the ground at ZSSS: The Lightning has surprised me how good it actually is for this kind of flight. The autopilot is fairly sophisticated for its time, and the facility to refuel mitigates the short range - and I only needed to refuel once for this flight anyway. So I will happily fly on in it, at least until I get to the long transoceanic legs for which the Canberra will I think be better suited. My Duenna logs below. An error was returned (red border) because I refueled.
  13. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    After a nearly three week hiatus, it's time to get moving again, and see if I can remember how to fly the Canberra. Departing from Calcutta: Over Myanmar (or Burma as Mr Fogg knows it) A nice one in cruise: For old times' sake, I elected to go for the "checkerboard" approach into Kai Tak rather than land at the modern airport. Fortunately Kai Tak's runway is intact in P3D v4 (as long as you're happy to ignore the big yellow crosses someone has decided to paint on each end for some reason ); IRL, the site has been redeveloped now and is barely recognisable. On my way in: Coming up to the turn: Don't hit the apartment blocks! Hong Kong skyline: Looking ahead to the upcoming flights, some exciting news has reached me recently: the refueling capability of the English Electric Lightning has been reinstated! The Lightning wouldn't be a naturally high choice for a RTW tourer, but the ability to get a top-up from a passing tanker brings up some intriguing possibilities. I plan to make a stop at Shanghai on the way to Yokohama, so these next two flights would be an excellent time to test it out. Watch this space!
  14. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    Now I have to post the next flight from Bombay to Calcutta ahead of schedule, as I will be away IRL for the next 10 days. So off we go, leaving Bombay in rather better weather than I arrived: Nice view over the city climbing out... The flight across India was trouble-free, although visibility was reduced on landing in Calcutta: Parked up for a couple of weeks now.
  15. CavalierDuck's RTW80

    Next flight, Dubai to Bombay (Mumbai). Did a little sightseeing on the way out... A nice easy smooth flight... until I got closer to Bombay and found all this waiting for me. Descent was not fun at all, it was hard work flying in all that. But I did find the airport (and the runway at second attempt!) and made it down safe. To be honest, I forgot to check the weather in Bombay before I left. I might have delayed the flight had I known how rough it was going to be. Lesson learned - ALWAYS check your weather!