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  1. Hi Please could someone assist by translating this Koln Bonn Equipment LOD radius download 'Read Me' statement for me: (It should only be used if the low-detail version of the equipment model fades away before the high detail version is loaded!) I may be dim but it means absolutely nothing to me!? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  2. ampharoah

    Valencia X for P3Dv4

    Many thanks again for your feedback. You were absolutely right. The offending .bgl was in Traffic Global AI Traffic program. Renaming this to OFF solved the problem. I have a number of traffic programs, in an effort to find one that delivers realistic environment sounds when AI are passing. Much appreciated. Regards Andrew
  3. ampharoah

    Valencia X for P3Dv4

    Hi Thanks for responding: All ORBX is below Valencia X. Scenery above is UK2000, FSDreamteam, FSDG, MK Studios, Aerosoft, FlyTampa, Flightbeam. 29Palms Andrew
  4. ampharoah

    Valencia X for P3Dv4

    Hello I have installed Valencia X in P3Dv4.3, but I'm getting duplicate scenery problems, with my aircraft sitting below the taxiway Clearly there seems to be some kind of AFCAD conflict, but I cannot track down the offending scenery thats getting in the way of Valencia X. I downloaded Scruffy Duck, but it won't recognize P3Dv4. I have looked at My Traffic and Ultimate Traffic, but cant see anything in there so am at a loss as to where the culprit is hiding! Could anyone advise how i could track down the offending scenery so that i can use Valencia X Thanks in hopeful anticipation. Andrew
  5. ampharoah

    Valencia X elevation issue

    I have the same problem. Aerosoft, is this your red and white Bus in Valencia X please? And is this your static 747 please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  6. Hi Mathijs, No just hangs the Manager after selecting 'Add Livery' and then the Aerosoft CRJ700ER British Airways G-MRSG from Avsim site. When Livery Manager is then closed i simply get windoes "Livery Manager Nor Responding" message. Andrew
  7. Hello' I have previously had no problem installing additional liveries to the CRJ via the Livery Manager, but since the Manager crashes every time I try to add a new one. Anyone else experiencing this please? Andrew
  8. ampharoah

    1.0.5 Door issues in FSX

    P3Dv4.2 Updated to and doors working fine for me. Uninstalled previous CRJ version first and then did a fresh install. Andrew
  9. Thanks for moving this post to the correct Forum heading, my apologies for miss-posting it originally. I see now that I’m very much not alone which is at least re-assuring. love this CRJ simulation and very much looking forward to the next update release when it’s ready. by the way, I can also confirm the ‘problem’ where the aircraft climbs to within 200ft of cruise but refuses to climb the last 200. oh and I’m randomly getting the ‘Not in Database’ error when entering some airports/runways/gates and waypoints into the FMS and CTD mid flight often....... roll on on the next release. Appreciate your hard work on our behalf. Andrew
  10. More detail on the lost lateral Nav situation above. While on a leg of the flight plan approaching the next waypoint, the waypoint name and reducing distance (39 miles approx) we’re being displayed as normal in the Nav display. Then abruptly, that next waypoint was no longer being displayed in the Nav display, just a gap where it had previously been and now the distance shown had changed to 158 miles and was this was counting upward, not downward. the aircraft then flew straight on when the waypoint was reached, without turning and Nav mode could not be recovered. Andrew
  11. Hello, Windows 10, P3Dv4.1, ENVTEX, Active Sky and Cloud Art only - no addon scenery. Enjoying the CRJ enormously, but having strange problems. 1. Most flights the CRJ seems to loose lateral Nav suddenly at some point mid flight for no apparent reason. The flight plan in the FMC was ok and been followed by the autopilot no problem up to that point on each occasion. 2. Now today, while in the descent, I suddenly got a Low Oil Pressure warning on the EICAS sytem, first on one engine then soon after on the other, all the power disappeared and the aircraft continued to glide downward. It was as though an oil pressure failure on both engines had been intentionally simulated. No CTD, just a warning on the EICAS sytem then total aircraft cockpit systems shut down. Any advice on both of these issues (Lost Nav and Oil pressure failure) please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  12. Update to my Previous post: Flew KLAX - KMRY using the default P3Dv4 Bonanza to check route - No CTD occured Started another CRJ flight with flight plan entered into the FMS LOWW to LGSK. All went well until approx an hour or so into the flight, when the CRJ abruptly diverted 90 degrees from its flight plan track mid way along a leg, I then got an on screen dialogue stating something like "An incorrect Heading input" and the screen went black in a hung sim state, still sound but black screen and no response to any controller/mouse/keyboard input. Event Log as follows:
  13. Hello, Like some other new CRJ pilots here I'm getting strange behaviour with the CRJ. Very high Spec PC / Win 10 / P3Dv4.1 / CRJ Installed exactly as per the manual, Admin, Win Defender off etc ( clean re-install twice now!) I flew it yesterday between KLAX - KMRY following the full C&D tutorial. All went well until climbing through approx 20,000 when a CTD suddenly occurred. Updated Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. x64.exe as suggested in another CTD Forum Thread. Don't know if I should also have done the x86.exe also? This morning flew from LOWW to LGSK, a few hours flying without CTD - NOTE A SMALL DIFFERENCE: no full flight plan was entered into the FMC for this flight, just set 'Direct to LGSK' in FMC Legs and gave manual heading, height & speed commands to the AP. This afternoon again attempted KLAX - KMRY using the full tutorial and again a CTD suddenly occurred at approx passing 20,000 in climb. Event Log attached. Can't understand whats going wrong? Any advice much appreciated please Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  14. ampharoah

    Livery Manager in P3dV4

    Found it! Thanks for that rapid response Tom - much appreciated. Andrew
  15. Hello, Please could someone be kind enough to point me in the direction of where to find the Livery manager in a P3Dv4 CRJ installation. Can't locate it where the manual says: "You will find the livery manager in FSXMainFolder\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Livery Manager Folder" ...........even substituting Lockheed Martin upfront. Thanks in anticipation Andrew