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  1. Geoair

    F53 issues

    Problem fixed thank you very much
  2. Geoair

    F53 issues

    On the F-53 with Redtop and Firestreak missiles. All on FSX Steam
  3. Geoair

    F53 issues

    Hello. I have a small concern for my par with the loading of the Air Air missiles. When I load the missiles my plane seems to have a weight overload on the right
  4. Hello. I wanted to know what was the key combination, for the use of the radar. It looks different from the previous version. Thank you in advance.
  5. Geoair

    F3 radar problem

    His works perfectly now ;)
  6. Geoair

    F3 radar problem

    No there is not
  7. Geoair

    F3 radar problem

    I already install the fix but I still have this radar problem
  8. Geoair

    F3 radar problem

    Nobody has a solution?
  9. Geoair

    F3 radar problem

    Hello I just noticed a problem on the radar, version F3 equip the radio altimeter.
  10. Geoair

    A small debate, F-104 vs. Lightning

    Lightning is the best