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  1. ldee247

    PFPX weird routing

    Hi, thanks for the assistance it seems to have worked after applying your steps above, I really appreciate your help. For further abnormalities routing I'll advise if I come across any,thank you. regards ldee247
  2. ldee247

    PFPX weird routing

    Hi, thanks for the response and apology for posting in the wrong forum. Herewith is the screenshot of my scenario: Would you advise me updating to the latest version first 1.28.9i or wait and see if you encounter the same error as I'm getting? regards
  3. Hi, can you please assist I tend to get weird routing with pfpx when it generates some of the routes in comparison to what some the guys routes. I have updated the current hotfix 1.28.9c and it hasn't changed. At times it completely fails to find a route and prompt to use advanced route searching which won't work either. Am I missing something and doing it wrong? Regards ldee247
  4. Hi Tom, Thanks for making it very clear that explains it, thanks for the post covering all the relevant information I really appreciate your support. Kind regards Lloyd
  5. Hi Tom A320, Thanks for the response, yes sure I'm starting Livery manager as administrator. Herewith is the link to one of the liveries I tried that didn't work: Regards Lloyd
  6. Hi, can you please help I'm having issues with Livery manager it's failing to install addon liveries. I have tried uninstalling all my A318-321 and do a fresh install still the same thing is happening.When I launch Airbus Livery manager from fresh install it's prompting me to point where the sim is installed in my case C:\Prepar3D v3. Upon adding new livery selecting my newly downloaded unextracted livery folder from Aerosoft it shows its installing but then after nothing shows in the preview window: I have checked and realised the Aerosoft Livery Manager is only adding the part in the aircraft.cfg and failing to input the texture.folder, but if I extract the folder manually that's the only way when I get to install individual livery. Is there a workaround to fix this issue or its a bug? Any help will be greatly appreciated. regards Lloyd
  7. Hi fellow pilots hope you can help, I did try to install the HD textures for both my airbuses 318-321 but none seem to be working. I'm on p3d v3 and was wondering if it's compatible or I'm missing something. Regards Lloyd
  8. Hi, I was wondering if you can help.I'm having an issue with Ezdok pointing to the sky first when I switch to external view on Airbus 318/319/320/321, I'm not aware what could be causing that, has anyone experienced this ? Regards Lloyd