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  1. The Canary Islands show as W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+1. According to numerous sources, this should be UTC+0, and, actually designated WET (Western European Time). WEST appears to mean Western European Summer Time, which is UTC+1. Other areas in the WET time zone appear coded as GMT. I know we can change individual airports (6), but, reporting this as it appears to be a possible coding issue. Also not sure, would the airports then have to be switched back when WEST takes effect? Thx. Joe
  2. Same here -also - delete routes does not work for me. When I delete route all appears correct until the next start - then all the deleted routes are back. Confirmed I am running as ADMIN.
  3. JPL19

    Pressurization still

    Thanks for the update, I did not have experimental updates checked, but, do now. Will be able to give it a go this weekend. Joe
  4. JPL19

    Pressurization still

    In my case hydraulic pumps are on . . .
  5. The previous thread was locked, but this is not a case of not reaching TOGA Mode. I am following the correct protocol, including no slewing, etc, (tried with no GSX as well). 100% sure I am entering TOGA on my takeoff roll well before 80kts. Landing field elevation set (7840 for KASE). Pressurization seems to hold at 1,000 during initial climb, until somewhere around 20,000, then suddenly rises to aircraft altitude and keeps climbing with the aircraft regardless of any settings. Manual mode refuses to work, making for two ruined flights in a row. CRJ-700 v in P3Dv4.3, Win 10. Flight plan is KLAX ORCKA3 LAS J146 DVC DCT LOYYD DCT SKIER DCT DBL DCT KASE Joe L.
  6. Is Tahiti & Society Islands an actual new release (see it in your shop)? I am confused - I don't see any announcements, and see Tahiti X v2 as being assumed DOA in another post. Thanks for any info. Joe
  7. Long shot as I know you are very thorough - you don't still have entries in the scenery.cfg and ..\ecosystem\Aerosoft\Malaga ... do you? (old version) I have LEMG, UT Live and Vector and no issues. Joe
  8. If the DME AFCAD fix is deemed ok will you release one for the SODE version? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for your reply. The problem was solved yesterday finally. What was indicative of a concern was Aerosoft Support indicated I had to contact the US shop and I did send the US shop an email as instructed. This morning I received an email back from the US shop telling me I had to contact Aerosoft support... But, the problem is resolved so I am thankful for that. Joe L.
  10. The email reply has the following: Request #197022. My order number was 1007832. To clarify again - I received receipts from both Aerosoft and PayPal, and the product (Pisa) can be downloaded, but there is no serial number or email as with other downloads. I understand I may not hear back this weekend, expected that when I had the issue Friday morning (my time). I appreciate the fact that at least someone is showing concern towards my problem. Thank you again for your help. Joe L.
  11. That is exactly what I did first that got me the response the frustrated me so much. I followed the procedure and waited patiently, only to get sent elsewhere. For the record, my receipt says nothing about "US SHOP" vs. anything else. It says I purchased from: Aerosoft GmbH - Lindberghring 12 - 33142 Büren - Germany Aerosoft GmbH Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt Lindberghring 12 D - 33142 Bueren Thank you for responding though. Joe L.
  12. Hello, I would like management to know that I am very dissatisfied with the service provided by your "SHOP". I purchased Pisa through the regular shop links. In doing so I experienced an issue where I was charged, received a receipt from PayPal and Aerosoft, and the product is available for download. BUT, there is no serial number and my email is also missing. I followed the steps to file a request for help through the shop links available to me - no different directions were provided. Instead of receiving any help I receive an email telling me I "need to keep in mind that I ordered from the us <sic> shop" so I have to contact them. Why should "I keep that in mind"? Why doesn't Aerosoft be one company and facilitate helping their paying customer? I followed your links and purchased and requested service through that same link. I wasted over a day waiting for a response that amounted to zero help, and now have to start over. Joe L.
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