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    FoFo You are not only captain you are an artist too
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    Don't post this in the Aerosoft Airbus category.
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    Please post this on the PMDG Forums :/
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    Thank you so much! I have waited so long for this!
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    try to install it manual sir.
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    sorry brother i don't know about P3D. i use FSX
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    Can be used for both. This is done for Extended. But this can be used with non extended model too with some modifications. If you're using normal one. Just copy texture. Cfg from any texture folder and overwrite on the one in this texture and in fltsim.xx part add Model = Sharklet on the blank model = space and this works with non extended model too. And also delete S from Sim = a320S and that's it.
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    The reference image I got from requester doesn't have them sir. http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8272246
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    please send the reference image sir.
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    yes its exact. what's missing sir? i can't find one
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    but whats missing sir? I'm not from Europe so probably never saw this personally. Please point it exact sir.
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    Hmm okay sir. but i think its exact. as per this registered there is no easyjet logo on wing tip. i just saw others have easyjet written on it
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    Ok sir. I'll do that from next time.
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    I've almost done every indian carrier
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    please install it manually. its not compatible with livery manager
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    before adding that Please move Aircraft.cfg to Desktop and then add those lines and save it. and then move back the Aircraft.cfg file to Aircraft folder.
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    Please I'm not aware of pmdg forum. If you have any link please share.