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    John - I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on things, but adding the Delta A321 CFM files is making me nuts. I tried both methods (add the folder/edit the cfg file and add the zip through the livery manager) and both don't work right. The only difference I found between this file and the ones that show up correctly in fsx is the config line: model = SHARKLET. if I delete that line, the aircraft shows up in FSX, but when I open it the model is not showing correctly and only displays basic 2D panels and black environment from inside and a really dark painted plane on external views. I'm guessing I can't delete the line marked sharklet, but I think I'm missing something that this model line is referencing for the model build. If you have a second - could you let me know your thoughts on this? Many thanks for your time and efforts - I do appreciate it. -Brian (Cincinnati, OH)
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