AES Repaints for Dublin (EIDW) 1.0.0

About This File

AES Repaints for Airport Dublin.

High resolution 32Bit files (For FSX and high end graphics) and DXT1 files (for FS9).

The airport staff is in DXT1 format only, because I can't see much difference and its better for saving memory.


Please make sure to download and install the right files for your system!

Because of occasionally AES updates, I update my repaints as well. If you don't want to miss the updates, feel free to follow this content or the AES download section.



The set includes:



01-03 Pushback towless small (Aer Lingus)

01-04 Pushback towless medium (Aer Lingus)
01-05 Pushback towless big (Aer Lingus)
01-15 Pushback tow big (Aer Lingus)

01-99 Pushback Towbar
02-01 Bus long (Dublin Airport CarParks)
02-02 Bus short (daa)
02-03 Bus Neoplan (daa)
03-01 Stair open small (Aer Lingus)
03-02 Stair open big
04-01 Container loader medium (daa)

05-01 Beltloader medium
06-01 Cleaning Crewvan (Aer Lingus)
07-01 Catering 01 half Cabin (Aer Lingus)
07-02 Catering 02 low Cabin
07-03 Catering 03 std Cabin

07-04 Catering 04 A380
07-10 Waterservice (Aer Lingus)
07-30 Deiceing (Servisair)


Airport staff

01-02 Rampagent Marshaller (Aer Lingus)

01-03 Catering Driver (Aer Lingus)

01-06 Waterservice (daa)

01-08 Cargo Loader (excel aviation)








The repaints are based on pictures of the realistic airside vehicles of the airport, which I found via google and co. (If those were old ones, which are already replaced, please let me know)

I know, some of the decals are located on the windows of the Dublin daa bus, but unfortunately this is not possible with the actual paintkit. When there is a change with the next paintkit, I will change those decals...

I also have added some further details on the repaints, i.e. side lights for some night textures, ventilation slits, automatic door-openers.


For installing instructions, please have a look into the readme file, which is included in the Zip file, or the AES manual by Oliver Pabst.


Enjoy & I hope you like them!


Die Bemalungen basieren auf Bildern von echten Flughafenfahrzeugen, welche ich über Google und Co gefunden habe. (Sollten diese schon alt und bereits ersetzt worden sein, lasst es mich gerne wissen)

Ich weiß, die Aufkleber auf dem Dublin daa Bus gehen normalerweise über die Scheiben, allerdings ist das leider mit dem aktuellen paintkit nicht möglich. Sobald es diesbezüglich eine Änderung gibt, werde ich das noch ändern.

Außerdem habe ich den Fahrzeugen noch ein paar zusätzliche Details verpasst, wie zB. Begrenzungsleuchten für die Nachttexturen, Lüftungsschlitze und Türöffnungsknöpfe.


Für Installationanweisungen ist eine readme Datei enthalten, ansonsten stehen auch Anweisungen in der AES Anleitung.


Viel Spaß damit & Ich hoffe sie gefallen euch!

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