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Oliver, can you change the order that services end with F6?

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I usually do not wait for all the services to finish before departing. I typically hit F6.

The problem I have is the jetway disconnects very early in the F6 process when it should be close to last. Maybe I am wrong but I feel like the catering and cleaning trucks should detach first, followed by the baggage loaders. Right now, the baggage loaders are last.

Aside from being a personal issue with the order of things, this creates problems when using QPAS with the QW757. The safety announcements are triggered by the closing of the passenger door. If I have to close the passenger door before the baggage loaders have backed away, the safety briefing finishes way before push back. In reality, the safety briefing is usually happening during pushback.

I know this a really picky but I thought I would throw it out there.


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