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  1. It seems I'm being misunderstood, perhaps I was unclear. I understand the fonts must be installed into Windows to work, I'm not disputing that.


    What I'm asking is if the fonts are also in the P3D fonts folder. I do not expect the fonts simply being in P3D to fix the issue. The reason I ask if the fonts are in P3D is because that gives users somewhere to obtain the fonts and install them into Windows; copying a .ttf file from almost anywhere on your local machine and pasting in to Control Panel\Fonts is an easy way to install fonts in to Windows and thus fix the problem of missing fonts.


    But I realise with the Pro bus being installed outside of P3D's folders, this may not be the case, which is why I was querying.

  2. 2 hours ago, lacsa01 said:

    Next thing is, that the Airbus has no reaction to the trim.


    You shouldn't need to trim once airborne, the Airbus autotrims, it's part of the fly-by-wire system. In simplified terms, point the nose where you want it, release the sidestick and it will hold that attitude in the short term and adjust trim to suit.

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