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  1. Hi Stephen, I tried using your routes file, it would not load using the "Auto" data link function but it would load if I used the CO routes key. What I have since discovered is that if I deleted the ADN and P18 waypoints it would load correctly using the data link. I then tried flight plans from EGCC to EGPD and EGKK to EGCC and they worked perfectly without making any changes to the PFPX generated route. It must be something peculiar to runway 16 departures from EGPD. Once again, thanks for your help. Graeme
  2. Hi Stephen, Thanks again! No errors were generated. Attached is the company routes file. Apologies, I'm in Indonesia and need to shut down now and get to bed. I will pick up again tomorrow. companyroutes.xml
  3. I fixed earlier problems I was having by changing the location of my public documents folder in the Windows registry, now PFPX loads and runs perfectly. However, I now have a new problem. When I generate a route and export it to Prosim I get the following message when trying to import it into the CDU using Prosim Utilities: "INVALID WAYPOINTS FOUND. ROUTE NOT LOADED." I am using Navigraph cycle 2112 in PFPX and Prosim and have also loaded the latest RAD files. I have attached a snapshot of the route generated. I have tried a route from EGPD to EGLL but still get the same result. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks, Graeme
  4. Not sure if this is a fix or a work around but I have copied the contents of the C Drive PFPX Public Documents over to the E Drive and everything appears to be working - for now. Thanks for your time Stephen. Graeme
  5. Hi Stephen, I have misled you a little. The error actually says E drive as per snapshot. The E drive has exactly the same folder structure as the snapshot I sent of the C Drive. On the E Drive all the PFPX folders are there and except for the Nav data folder they contain no data.
  6. I have just purchased PFPX. It installed and runs except that at startup I get a message saying it could not load aircraft types from C:\users\public\documents. . During the installation I saw that files were being copied to C:\users\public\documents. I have downloaded a new Nav database file but when I try to load it I can only find C:\users\public\public documents. All the PFPX files are there but when I put the nav data file there PFPX cannot find it. I believe it is because that folder, (documents) does not exist. I have attached a screen shot of the drive folder structure. Can anyone help please? Graeme
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