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  1. Thanks for asking politely. It's in bigger and smaller craft. Smaller is usually a private gig, knowing people through other people in the area. Time is money for those
  2. So besides the distractions you bring to the OP post, there is no problem then?
  3. To each their own. From my personal exprience I've learned not to rely on crutches like that because they prevent developing a deep understanding of an aircraft and its flight systems. To give an example just in the context of this forum, loading an early approach prevents identification of the flight system problem in the Aerosoft CRJ that VNAV doesn't work until an approach is loaded. It should be able to advise to the bottom of a STAR regardless. Over the last few decades, it's become a concerning trend that pilots are expected to be operators rather than experts that question what they see. We've now reached a point where pilots are not even fully trained in particular flight systems anymore, sometimes deliberately unfortunately. So maybe you're right that SOP is no longer relevant.
  4. The VNAV doesn't work unless an approach is loaded early. If you look at the Come Fly With Me tutorials, the pilot loads an approach before take-off to cover up for the issue. Definitely not real life SOP. There's apparently also an issue where the snowflake doesn't indicate the actual VPATH when vnav is on, reported in another thread. You'll have to do the math on Vatsim to get a 3 degree VPA.
  5. Advisory VNAV seems to have an issue where unless an approach is loaded it does not work. This may explain why the experienced pilot in the tutorial series loaded an approach before take-off, to cover up for the problem. Definitely not SOP to do that. I've reproduced your issue a few times and loading an approach took care of it. This is obviously not true to life, you should still be able to meet for example constraints on a STAR without an approach loaded, since that would be assigned near the bottom of the STAR. Recently, I've also experienced the VNAV not reporting any state of flight at all until an approach is loaded.
  6. According to the devs it affects "some users". Last time that language was used was for Cyberpunk 2077. Substantial usability Issues wouldn't even be that disappointing if the devs weren't as dismissive if not downright combative towards user reports. A "we hear you and we're looking at it" would go a long way. Meanwhile, FBW for the A3xx and Working Title for the CJ4 have accomplished custom systems overlaid on the sim at no charge, to the point that Asobo has hired Working Title under a newly formed LLC. If nothing else the upcoming updates will hopefully and finally address lnav and throttle issues. Giving the benefit of the doubt for now
  7. This is starting to look like an issue with the FADEC. Every other plane is fine for me too including WT CJ4 and FBW A32NX. Both those hobbyist teams are way ahead of Aeorosoft with their custom autopilot, custom FMS, custom LNAV, custom VNAV, custom FADEC and custom ILS it would appear. At his point Aerosoft needs external help instead of releasing a CRJ 900/1000 that predictably will have the same problems.
  8. Same issue here on v1.0.0.1, N1 goes in opposite direction of requested first for small adjustments and then requires additional input to correct (and overshoot). Not having that issue with the free Working Title CJ4. Hardware is CH yoke with pro pedals.
  9. Rudder authority and crosswind strength in the ground effect area have been broken in the sim since launch. Once crosswinds go over 5 knots you'll get blown of the runway on takeoff or landing. It's not a CRJ issue.
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