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  1. I hope we get the A321 NEO LR. It's such a versatile plane. You can fly short/medium hauls especially when there are many passengers. But you can also easily cross the atlantic. This plane operates often on long routes in the US (Westcoast to Eastcoast) and also between Europe and the US. It's the successor of the 757 and many airlines plan to buy it or already have it because it's so versatile.
  2. Yeah i also think so. Aerosoft is in the pole position. They created the first real airliner for MSFS. Aerosoft got this achievement and nobody else. The CRJ will be an instant buy for me and also the Airbuses when they are released. Imagine how many people will switch from P3D and X-Plane to MSFS when they see now that we have a real third party airliner now there. Thats also a huge contribution to the platform itself. No lack of systems anymore real IFR are possible. I think you can nearly say all real simmer will switch now to MSFS.
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