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  1. The fuel value in the upper-left corner appears to go off-screen. This is with version
  2. This is almost impossible to do while using TrackIR, unfortunately.
  3. I'd like to request this as well. I could not see the taxiway markings on a flight last night without turning on the center landing light during taxi.
  4. I'm seeing about a 5 fps improvement and also debating now whether to keep it. 5 fps is a lot in our hobby.
  5. I've also had a Vatsim controller ask me, and another CRJ pilot who was on frequency at the time, to enter our transponder codes again. The controller commented that there seems to be an issue with the Aerosoft CRJ when it comes to this. I've just gotten used to setting it in both places whenever I change it.
  6. I saw that someone posted a performance improvement mod that disables some screens in the cockpit to gain a few FPS. Might be useful to some folks here experiencing problems. https://flightsim.to/file/10818/crj-700-performance-improvement-mod
  7. I, too, have the same problem. I cannot get Realistic IRS Align time to save. Nor can I get the Flightdeck Noises option on the second page to save. Yes, I am running with Administrator rights. Here's what my options look like before I attempt to make the changes and save:
  8. I am successfully using the addon linker and having no problems. It should be safe to move the folder. However, it's not known yet how well the AS Updater tool will work with it. We'll just have to wait until the first update to find that out.
  9. I did not use pause at all during that flight.
  10. I had the same problem with a flight into KIAH last night. I figured it was a bug so I continued my flight at cruise level. Cabin pressure steadily increased by 300 until it reach 26,300 and got stuck there. It stayed at that elevation even throughout the approach, landing and taxi in. No amount of button switching was able to fix this.
  11. The RNAV Y 31L approach at PSP is drawn incorrectly on the PFD. Using Navigraph data. Have not checked this with the default nav data.
  12. Just a friendly reminder to our Aerosoft friends that it is already 3/16 in Kiribati... where, I'm certain, we're all from.
  13. You said "Upper Lima 126", shouldn't that have been "Uniform Lima 126"?
  14. I haven't made any release date predictions yet but I figured I better get one in before it's too late. I'll take March 9th, please!
  15. Fellow Illinoisan here. That statement couldn't be more accurate, in my opinion. In fact, I think someone has already beaten you to that same realization because Illinois actually has a town named Lincolnshire.
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