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  1. I really hope it will be improved in the next update, I bought the CRJ because of the more hand flying design and a HUD to make it easy and fun, but I am really disappointed about it, not only because it's not collimated, but mostly because it's missing features and it's buggy. As of today, I have 5 times more flight hours on the DC-6 than on the CRJ
  2. No love for the HUD?
  3. After a long pause flying the CRJ, waiting for the throttles to get fixed, I did a short flight after the new update, and was happy to finally be able to manage the power precisely. But the flight path symbol on the HUD is still jumping up and down during a stable approach. That's an issue that was reported a few days after V1 release, do you have any ETA on a fix? Also, might it be possible to get a fully working HUD, in the next few month?
  4. Feels like we are in Groundhog Day, what are you trying to do over and over again, selling me some software. I gave my piece of mind in previous posts. Aerosoft needed to adapt to the way MSFS throttles interact with addons, it's done, in beta now, might be delayed with SU later this month, we will see, I hope for a release in a couple of week max. Did you really need to write the last part? Now I understand your low reputation on this forum. Let's keep focus on the throttle issue, we are done here.
  5. Also, might be useful, but I only have 3 presets for my RCA throttle, as of now : Standard, CRJ, Quad engine. That's all I need.
  6. How the sim was develop about control, it's fine for me, I can bind switch to 99% of the actions I might use. But, if I start using customs panel and switches with a leonardo or FFB devices, I might think about it, but now, I just want my addon to fly well without extra payments
  7. Like I said before, why spend money on software, to make a single payware addon works? My A32NX and CJ4 are working perfectly as of now
  8. Same on my side, throttle issues, I don't see the point, I have no joy flying it. From this point on, I will wait a couple of month, when multiple reviews and feedback are out, before buying any new Aerosoft addons.
  9. But before trying other software to fix the problem, there is a very simple test to do. When you open the CRJ and zoom on the virtual throttles in the cockpit. Do they move without issue, are they precise? If yes then it's not an hardware issue, it's the addon way to interpret those value or the simulated fadec. Same, if the hardware is working flawlessly on every other planes.
  10. Good for you, if it solves your problems. But, I won't spend 20 bucks, on a software I have no use for, just for a single addon.
  11. But, he bought it exclusively as a way to make the throttle on the CRJ work, and it did not solve the problem.
  12. That sucks that it does not work, but this software might be useful for other things
  13. On this case it's quite simple, If you don't have issue with other MSFS planes and you follow the 0-100% throttle axis, then it's the CRJ problem. You need to understand that people on this thread like myself, can't fly the CRJ because of this issue, hence the frustration. It has been fixed for nearly two weeks, but us users still need to wait, why not releasing a hotfix for this?
  14. I did not say it was
  15. It's not the case already? This problem was reported a couple of days after release and a dev said he will look at it.
  16. Any news about when the next update might be release? I can't fly the CRJ since last update.
  17. No worries, it might have improve my experience, thanks for sharing. I just hope Aerosoft, will recognize it's broken and fix it soon, I did not really fly the CRJ since update, and I will let it aside until it gets better.
  18. Ok, I did it before a flight and no change, the throttle in the cockpit move accordingly to my TM TCA, but FADEC is drunk. Moving the throttle a few millimeters, will result in N1 going down fast to 51.5%, then after a couple seconds back up. Sometime moving it down will sharply increase N1. I even tried moving the throttle from 5mm to 10mm below climb position, then back to 5mm repeating it every 1 second, it will block N1 to 51.5%. It's bad, even the Bleriot 11 has a better throttle response.
  19. I also have a problem with my TM TCA, it's - Calibrated - Setup on the EFB - Normal axes, no 0-100% one - Works perfectly with all other planes - Move the cockpit throttle perfectly and precisely But, just after a climb, If i want to set my throttle to 80% N1, it will drop down to 50% then back up. Is fadec broken?
  20. Last night I did a ILS approach that included a VOR-DME arc, everything was setup on the FMS, but during the arc, the CRJ kept zigzagging, quite hard left and right, it was unable to do a smooth continuous turn.
  21. Agree, it mandatory switching from a single / dual engine to a quad like the 747 On another note, I hope the patch/hotfix will be out soon, I just did my first CRJ flight with my new TCA throttle and it's nearly impossible to accurately control the power output.
  22. You should do 2 profiles for the TCA, one with throttle axis for the CRJ and another one with throttle axis (0 to 100%) for all your plane, Asobo, CJ4, A32NX It's the only way I found to make everything work perfectly
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