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  1. Hi guys, I recently downloaded the Aerosoft A320 Extended Version. I noticed that shortly after starting a flight, the cooling fans become so loud that can hardly hear all the other sound effects such as engines etc. I was also having troublE hearing ATC because of this issue. I know a few people have experienced this problem but I haven’t managed to find an answer to fix it. Also there is no Blue Descent marker on the ND when descending.

  2. apologies for the lack of details


    -Windows 7

    - FSX

    and what do you mean by bus?


    Here are 4 images. So as you can see, first image shows nav data is empty, 2nd image shows how the flight starts, instead of it start all nicely in cold and dark, it launches like that with engines and everything running. I did try saving the flight as cold and dark, but it still launches with everything running and throttles don't work with the joystick. 3rd image shows that my airacs are all up to date and current. 4th image shows the message I am getting when I try to open Airbus configurator. I am spending hours trying to figure out how to fix this problem and would be much grateful if you can help me fix it.






  3. Hi guys, my friend was helping me out trying to install p3d v5. After this process and fiddling with folders, when I try to operate the A320 on fsx, its no longer working properly like before. the nav data is empty and the joy stick wont operate the throttles.  I can't figure out how to fix this. Please help. It seems to have something to do with the aerosoft airbus configurator, when i try to open it up it comes up with this message File shared config.cfg not found in  C:/users/akarim/Documents/Aerosoft/Airbus/

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