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  1. Airbus A320-232 IAE - Air New Zealand (All Blacks, ZK-OAB)

    This zip file contains a repaint for the Aerosoft Airbus X A320 IAE in the livery of Air New Zealand with their All Blacks scheme, as seen on the ZK-OAB.
    This is my 3rd repaint for the Airbus X and I do not have the same skills as some people here, but I did my best to represent the ZK-OAB as faithfully as possible. At the time of creation, no such livery was yet available but I see there's one in the library since the 20th of December, the same date I finished this one . More choice is usually good, so I thought I'd tweak it some more and still upload it. If there are any problems, send me a private message.
    Edit: Wow, over 4 years on and I see that this livery is still getting downloaded. Please be aware that I have never tested it with any later version of the Airbus than the one available at time of release, and I am not sure installation instructions are still valid. If you have any issues, I would suggest downloading a version by another repainter as I no longer have the source files for this, nor the time to update it. If you are using it and it works well, cool! I hope you enjoy it!




  2. A320 IAE Amsterdam Airlines

    My second shot at producing a quality livery. It's for Amsterdam Airlines, a relatively new company flying A320's. I think this livery is pretty much without any flaws, if you do find something, let me know!




  3. A320 IAE United Airlines (Current) N493UA

    This is a United Airlines A320 with IAE power plants and the current livery. It's my first repaint of this complexity and a lot of little details are missing/wrong, plus there are a couple of minor misalignments. Consider this something to hold you over until a professional does the UA livery!

    Repaint by Propane, based on the Aerosoft paintkit. Installation instructions should be visible as commentary inside the ZIP file.




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