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  1. I have uploaded an updated version of my Air Canada C-FFWI repaint (originally uploaded on Sept. 8/10).


    1. Most of the dirt layers have been toned down to give the aircraft a much cleaner appearance.

    2. Over-wing exit arrows have been changed from black to red to match the actual aircraft.

    3. Details added, such as "candy stripe" warning markings for antennae located on the belly of the aircraft.

    4. Colour of door frames and registration numbers tweaked.


  2. I would like to add my vote for the following:

    -VNAV capability

    -SIDS/STARS/airways/runways etc.

    -FBW improvements

    -curved FP lines

    -light maps added to the external model to show effect of lighting against engines and fuselage at night

    Thanks for making the decision to go forward with the advanced upgrade. What ever items you decide to implement, you can count on my support.


  3. So i fixed the flag and add the cockpit registration, only thing was that i could not find the special code, so i took one from another JetBlue plane, i think it looks better then just a empty space, what do you guys think? :)

    Good work Joey.

    Looking forward to downloading!


  4. Looks very nice!!

    I did notice however that the US flag next to te reg number is facing the wrong direction on the RH side of the aircraft. The stripes should be facing the rear of the aircraft.


  5. I'm looking forward to this bus...Have been for months (even though I am not the intended customer biggrin.gif ).

    Question for you guys - Is there a route planner out there that will add the extended center lines for runways to the FSX flight plan?

    Looking at the MCDU manual, it doesn't look like it will support the selection of runways at the destination airport for the purpose of auto tuning the ILS or placing the extended centerline of the runway on the ND, etc. - Correct me if I'm wrong (holds breath and crosses fingers hoping he's wrong..).

    MCDU Manual


  6. Someone recently " requested " that the painters ( re ) posted all of their screenshots in one post . As I cannot post for any of the other painters , here are mine , 30 in total .

    So for whoever it was , enjoy .


    Wow John - I wasn't the one that asked, but thanks for giving us a look at all of them. Those look amazing!

    Thanks to you, jankees, and all of the other painters for your hard work. goodjob_s.gif


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  7. its so stupid in my do checklists for handys, turbine rotating bye wind on the ground, high detailed gears and flaps (those things no pilot will see in the air and you always stated the bird is focused on the pilots left seat) but what the pilot sees and usees is a fmc WITH sid´s and stars as an example, this you don´t do...poor missed the chance to be the first one who makes a good serious airbus for fsx. the way it seems now is a very very good modell with lots of gimmicks but not to be used for serious online flying.



    C'mon... Mathijs has already said (on numerous occasions) that they're thinking of upgrading the systems at a later date. Let them finish what they originally planned to do and if we behave, maybe they will reward us with an advanced version. smile.gif


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  8. thx for your answer but there is one point i can't do with that:

    where can i get the information where i must turn my viewpoint for the view i would have in reallaty? and how much centimeters is the viewpoint going up when i go up one step?

    i think it would be very difficould to get the correct point that way. but an developer who gets payed for making an tool which takes that work for you, should have no problem with that because he has time for that, because it's his work, if you understand what i mean.

    but anyway thanks for your answer.

    The real aircraft has three little "balls" (two white, one red) on the center post of the windscreen that are used as a reference for the pilot to set his correct viewing position when adjusting his seat. From the screen shots that I have seen, it looks like those have been faithfully reproduced in the VC so you can set your viewpoint accordingly (You can actually see very clearly what I mean in Mathijs' screen shot on the previous page).


  9. There are issues there because of the way FSX handles that, not a lot we can control about that without making the panels either to light during the day or to dark during the night. See for yourself with the attached images.

    That dusk lighting looks very good to me!

    My complaint about some other developers' panels is that during periods when the panel is dark, the LCD instruments are just as dark, even though they should themselves be a source of light. They should not disappear into the shadows the way an unlit "steam gauge" would.

    Well done Mathijs and crew!


  10. The panel lighting looks exceptional. No wonder you guys are so proud of it!

    I was wondering if your panel lighting is 100% effective in transitional light situations, like at dusk when tradional FSX panels and gauges are poorly lit and difficult to see?


  11. Dave: Yes, you can change the colors on the main displays at will. They are in XML, and so long as a person knows just a little bit about XML colors, I think they'll have no trouble making that change.

    One thing I have run into: from the tons of photos I've seen, the color of the elements in the displays vary wildly with shadows and lighting, picture contrast, etc., not to mention the fact that the display elements appear slightly darker (less pure magenta and less cyan) in more recent versions of the real displays' software. Contrast this photo ( http://img217.images...lisbon10wb1.jpg ) with the colors that simmers have become used to over time... the standard magentas and cyans and greens and browns that have been seen in, for example, the default Airbus in FSX, plus several addon FSX Airbus aircraft. We think we've got it done very well, but fortunately those who want something different have the complete freedom to pretty easily change the colors.



    Thanks for the reply! I think that you guys have done an amazing job of getting the display and panel colours right. It's only the ISIS display that looks a bit "bright" to me in relation to the other displays. That's the only thing that I would end up tweaking to my own taste. Everything else is spot-on in my opinion.


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