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  1. Ok the Buttkicker Gamer 2 is a awesome product! My computer feels like what my driver seat feels like when I'm playing music but amplified by 10x. Il be uploading a video of the unboxing and review too youtube soon.

  2. Looks like Home Depot had a data breach. One thing I don't like about the news editor that wrote it was listing the competitors. He completely forgot about Menards and only lists Ace Hardware, Lowes, and smaller stores. Buddy, Menards gives those other competitors a run for their money. Jeez I cant stand AP News hardly anymore.

  3. Houdini is about to start. It's on history channel. Comcast channel 54. Starts at 8pm and goes to 9pm.

  4. We got some storms going through the twin cities heading NE (bearing 219º at 49 knots- 56 mph). None are severe yet though.

  5. Tornado Watch TORNADO WATCH OUTLINE UPDATE FOR WT 475 NWS STORM PREDICTION CENTER NORMAN OK 345 PM CDT SUN AUG 24 2014 TORNADO WATCH 475 IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 1100 PM CDT FOR THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS MNC001-003-007-009-017-019-021-025-029-035-037-053-057-059-061- 065-071-077-085-093-095-097-115-123-135-139-141-145-153-159-163- 171-250400- /O.NEW.KWNS.TO.A.0475.140824T2045Z-140825T0400Z/ MN . MINNESOTA COUNTIES INCLUDED ARE AITKIN ANOKA BELTRAMI BENTON...

  6. Well over the last week, I just watched the entire movie series of The Lord of The Rings. Man, those were some LONG movies. 3rd one is 4 hrs 23 minutes.

  7. Just set off the last of the fireworks for this year. Also for safety I had the garden hose on standby just encase.

  8. So i guess now the Minneapolis St Paul's Int. Airport has seen it all. In 2007, Airbus introduced the Airbus A380 to NWA hoping it would buy it but didnt, and in 2012, i saw the Antonov An124 which is nearly the same size as the Lockheed C-5 military trasnport (USAF), but also has see the C-5, the Antonov An225 this weekend and today, the Boeing 747-8F (diverted from O'Hare due to bad weather).... Whats next? Below are pictures of the aircraft im talking about.

  9. So it looks like Youtube might be buying Twitch for $1 BILLION. Youtube and Twitch are the largest sites for gameplay videos. So basically its Google buying Twitch.... Because youtube was bought by Google in 2006.

  10. So when I was visiting my aunt in DFW, TX, I want to the Frontiers of Flight Museum based at Dallas Love Field and saw a Rolls Royce V12 27L "Merlin" engine on display. Well I found a video of it on youtube going full throttle. The "Merlin" was the powerhouse for the North American P-51 Mustang back on WW-II. First flight was Oct. 26th, 1940 (by manufacture) and introduction to service was 2 years later in 1942. It was retired from the USAF in 1984 but still is in civil use. below are pi...

  11. Well this week I have good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news. My timing chain in my car's engine, 2.4L Theata 2 GDI series engine, is making a horrible rattling noise. So that needs replacing and its NOT cheap due to amount of labor involved. Now the good news is I have ordered my aftermarket radio, Kenwood DPX500BT, and a universal steering wheel adaptor. Tomorrow when I get it, I will install the radio and steering wheel adaptor myself after making the proper connection...

  12. That Severe T-Storm warning for Blue Earth, Le Sueur, and Nicollet Counties, MN, expired at 10 PM.

  13. So here is what I did today. I put hooks on my sub box so I could use ratchets to lift it up when needed using the chassis of the car. Each hook is rated for 320 lbs so a total of 640 lbs.

  14. TORNADO WATCH 130 IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 900 PM CDT FOR THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS IAC001-003-009-015-021-025-027-029-033-035-039-041-047-049-053- 059-063-069-073-077-079-081-083-085-091-093-109-119-121-133-137- 141-143-147-149-151-153-155-159-161-165-167-169-173-175-181-187- 189-193-195-197-090200- /O.NEW.KWNS.TO.A.0130.140508T1850Z-140509T0200Z/ IA . IOWA COUNTIES INCLUDED ARE ADAIR ADAMS AUDUBON BOONE BUENA VISTA CALHOUN CARROLL...

  15. SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 126 IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 100 AM CDT FOR THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS MNC003-013-015-019-033-037-039-043-047-049-053-063-079-085-091- 093-099-103-109-123-127-129-131-139-141-143-147-157-161-163-165- 171-080600- /O.NEW.KWNS.SV.A.0126.140507T2345Z-140508T0600Z/ MN . MINNESOTA COUNTIES INCLUDED ARE ANOKA BLUE EARTH BROWN CARVER COTTONWOOD DAKOTA DODGE FARIBAULT FREEBORN GOODHUE HENNEPIN...

  16. Ah nice! The wiring harness for my car's radio meant for aftermarket stereos are labled!. That saves a lot of time. However, I found out I ordered the wrong ant. cable so I just ordered the correct one. Check list: Wiring harness, Check, Ant cable, check, in-dash adapter, check, radio (Kenwood DPX500BT), not yet ordered and waiting til June, Steering wheel adapter, ordering at the same time as radio.

  17. Im happy since I finally had somebody buy my Boss Audio 20 farad capacitor. Finally I got rid of it. Didn't make as much off of it as I wanted to but none-the-less its sold now.

  18. Just completed the campaign of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag on PS4. Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag - Premiere Trailer (…: http://youtu.be/R2EVWKn1HcQ E3 Cinematic Trailer - Assassin's Creed 4 Black F…: http://youtu.be/OwVe4ZNeQZk The Pirate Heist Trailer | Assassin's Creed 4 Bla…: http://youtu.be/dPqPrTGI-D4

  19. Here is a wireless router specifically designed for gaming and streaming. Thanks microcenter. Netgear R700 AC1900 nighthawk.

  20. If anyone got a text from me today, it was automated from an app I installed...

  21. Well here is pictures of the Big 3 upgrade kit installed. As i said before, i rather have an ASE certified mechanic put it in then a car audio guy just becuase of the knowledge difference on engines.... Plus they have access to hydrolic lifts to make the job easy. The voltage is now alot "stiffer" and is a whole volt better when the alternator is under load (lights, high beams, brake lights, hazard flashers, A/C, defroster, wipers..... 12.6V while my music is playing, voltage sits at 12.6...

  22. This is my temporary setup until I get the battery installed.... Im selling the 20 farad cap so let me know if any of you want it. 20 farads is 20,000 watts and im only running 1000 watts so its overkill lol.

  23. Ok this is just funny. Who would name an airport this? There's an airport in Nevada called Jackass Aeropark U75. LOOOL Look it up on google if you don't believe me.

  24. Everybody, if you have a balance issue with your tires after a snow storm, check the wheel weights to see if they are still on the rim and also if there is ice buildup on the inside of the rim between the brake rotors and the rim itself. I found ice buildup on 3 out of 4 tires and took 10 minutes to clean out. Its not hard. I used a garden hand shovel and the ice easily came out. for the steering wheel, turn it all the way to the left or right on ether side to get easy access. for the ba...

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