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  1. Just received a boxed copy of this old bird (2007), but I can say It looks awesome nowadays too. It requires at least 3 hours to understand systems. .
  2. I found this video and I think this is the proof the Discus has extended sounds, like rolling, touching the ground, extending flaps, forces affected to hull while flying, switches. I actually don't have these sounds. The plane is soundless, except opening the cabin or winds, these are correct. I have FSX-SE version installed. FSX Discus K Glider - Santorini by SLKVP (YOUTUBE) These files stored in "Aerosoft_Sound_system_Discus" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\DG808S\sound" folders, but seems to be not working. I also don't have dll.xml or exe.xml entries. ASC.dll was added to trusted in the first start.
  3. Really sorry for the doubled script, I only would like to know that the barometric scale dial is rotatable or static?
  4. There are no letter keys in real life. I have to keep asking about the kollsman window is working in this aircraft or it is just a texture draw?
  5. I can confirm that. As you said there must be a problem with A2A service dll's. Using CumulusX! impacted with J3 Piper Cub's physics and I could not take off.
  6. Hi there, As I read the manual, I have to set the correct QFE before take-off. Other instruction by the manual: "As the C4 Competition works independently from this gauge you could set QFE in this gauge and QNH in the C-4." So I can set my correct altitude by simply synchronizing it with the digital flight computer (C4), but my my disk doesn't move and shows not the correct (millibar) values when I rotate the knob. It is static or jammed. Is that normal?
  7. Thanks for the response! Do you accept smaller donations for the future projects?
  8. Birds and thermals are working, also the TOW plane finds them and reacts well to given commands. Two things remained buggy, sometimes the TOW aircraft has it's lights sometimes not, "vacating from the runway, stopping and disappearing" doesn't seems to be work. Might be the limited compatibility of FSXSE or custom airport missing .bgl entries? 😕 Still don't know it.
  9. #Simmarket2266142,7234 (Order ID) Sad, but I was not aware enough to purchase FSX in time when boxed versions where just out. I had to stay and stuck with the Steam version, so finally I given up to play with this astonishing plane, because of the following reasons: Main battery pull switch sometimes stops to work. Fuel pump sometimes is muted when turned on and does not seems to pump at all. Both beacon and strobe lights burns out. (or never worked) If I guess there is no fix for these problems at this time.
  10. Thank You Peter for your time! Now everything depends on me to make my best and solve it.
  11. Might be the .cmd installation error message was because of FSXSE version, I could not imagine other issue. There was no other specific error message but the CumulusXDLL.dll's status was false, which probably means inactive. Although I have a licensed version, debug checkings keeps in false the dll. What is your recommendation? Do I have to change the UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT? Sincerely, Ákos
  12. Installing the CumulusX! never worked me by clicking the .cmd file (due to reporting an error always), so I always decided to install it manually. Here are my 'AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX' files necessary to run this program properly attached into a zip file: CMX.zip Debug mode tells CumulusXDLL.dll = False, however it was added as trusted software into the sim. Tow plane works, however sometimes it is allowed to turn in the opposite way (direction changes between right or left turns inflight), sometimes does not. After a tow process the plane returns to the field. When I approach the airport at low altitude, the tow plane starts to roll low speeds and does not stops, that stuff is some kind of funny but I am sad about it. As you can see I use manual load of the program. Check lights are green, orange, and red from the top to the bottom.
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