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  1. @TheFlightPhotographerDen EDDB von Aerosoft kann man gerade auch im Contrail-Webshop für 13,96€ kaufen. Man muss sich aber etwas beeilen, denn die Aktion gilt nur noch heute.
  2. Actually it does, albeit the update will of course be installed in the default AO folder again, so you'll have to move it as described after updating.
  3. I also use Addon Linker right from its first version and never had any issues with it. MSFS is running rock stable on my system. Regarding Aerosoft One: After installing my airports and the CRJ, I moved the folders where I wanted them using the "Move to" function in Addon Linker. I even renamed the folders for my convenience. The addons are still recognized as installed by AO.
  4. You don‘t need to update the AIRAC manually. The FMS data manager doesn‘t work with MSFS but Navigraph released an app to install and update navdata. https://forum.navigraph.com/t/navigraph-navdata-center-released/133
  5. While spad.next seems to be a mighty tool, its somewhat intransparent pricing structure is pretty annoying to me. To get further updates after the first year of use you need an update subscription, which is of course not mentioned on the "Buy" page. Update Subscription - SPAD.neXt (spadnext.com)
  6. Sorry but how can you have been waiting for 4 months when the plane was released just 6 weeks ago?
  7. That's a known bug. For now, you have to set the weights via the "Passenger & Cargo" page on the EFB before transferring to the FMS.
  8. Actually I did that. Seems I missed the other thread, sorry.
  9. Situation: I created a flight plan using Simbrief. ZFW according to Simbrief was 25.900 kg, Fuel was 2.649 kg. I entered these values into the EFB via the "ZFW page". As you can see, TOW is slighty higher that calculated by Simbrief, but negligable in my opinion. However, when copied into the FMS via the button on the EFB, the CDU shows the following values: While the fuel amount is correctly transferred, the ZFW and thus the TOW was somehow increased by more than 3 tons. However, when I enter the setup via the "Passenger & Cargo" page and transfer the to the CDU, the values are the same as in the EFB. So my question: has someone else experienced the same? Am I making a fault by entering these values or is this a bug?
  10. Für EDDS gibt es bereits eine sehr schöne Freeware-Szenerie: https://flightsim.to/file/3437/stuttgart-airport-edds-by-gravity-edds-team
  11. Wobei man schon festhalten sollte, dass die Paywareszenerie den Eindruck eines recht lieblosen Ports aus P3D macht. Dass es z.B. auf dem Dach des Parkhauses P4 eine AirBerlin-Werbung gibt, spricht nicht gerade für viel Mühe. Da hätte man mehr erwarten dürfen, gerade auch für einen Preis von 24,95€, was für MSFS-Verhältnisse eher teuer ist. Ich bleibe lieber bei der Freeware-Version, die aktuell auch noch weiterentwickelt wird.
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