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  1. Thanks folks - I've only just seen these replies, very ,very busy! I hope to follow this up later today and report back. Robert
  2. Sorry for the delayed response. When I started my flightsim PC a couple of days ago it went into a frenzy of up updates to a whole series of programs, including rebooting when I said ‘No’. So I left it to get with it and retried today. OK: A321 cold and dark at my ‘home’ airport of Liverpool, EGGP. Powered up (screenshot 1. )I planned a short flight from EGGP to EIDW (Dublin) in Aivlasoft EFB and saved it (screenshot 2). Entered EGGP/EIDW (screenshot 3) with result in screenshot 4. hope this helps - if you need more information, I'm ready. Robert
  3. OK, later today. Thanks for continued support. Robert
  4. I checked MCDU1, which showed as follows; Active 26MAR13APR/20 Second 15OCT11NOV/15 Second had the little arrow by it. I'm still getting 'None' when entering a saved route. Silly, I know, but just in case I had seriously misunderstood, I did try also with Second activated. So still stuck! Robert
  5. I am still a little foxed. I checked my nav data are up to date. I used configurator to make sure I was pointing to the correct data. But no joy. So I must have misunderstood something - where is the line 'Active' to be found? Thanks again Robert
  6. Thanks both, I will look into this tomorrow and report back. Robert
  7. Sorry to re-open a former topic, but I too am having problems with flightplans for A320 for FSX. Airbus flight planning has worked perfectly well from the beginning for me. I have had a break from Airbus and flown other aircraft. Now, on return to airbus, I cannot load flightplans - I get the 'None' or 'Not in database' messages. My files are in the correct place, I have attached a screenshot to show this. Not sure what to do next. Robert
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