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  1. Nine Lives My A**! - Carenado 337 (O-2A)

    Hello guys,
    this was my first X-Plane skin. I lately released it at the ORG forum and want to share it with You as well. Luckily it is my fav. GA aircraft Cessna 337 (AddOn by Carenado), in this case it is the military version of her, called O-2A which served in the Vietnam war as an observer platform for the FAC role (forward air controller).
    I have to thank rsgunner on avsim.com for inspiring me with his 9 lives skin for FSX and scjensen on the org forum for his help and his own O-2 skin for X-Plane which was priceless for orientation.
    I hope You guys like it too - feel free to comment, vote and have fun with her!
    Due to the fact that I cannot see clearly on my given pictures whether the elevator top is white or grey, I decided to upload an alternative file of cessna337_3_t.png with grey elevator so You can chose by Yourself.
    Screenshots represent V1.0, so the actual file is even more acurate now.
    BTW, I did 4 more O-2A's of the same quality. When You're interested, just drop a line. I might upload these as well.



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