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  1. My Friend, just be patient the time will surely come, but we have to give these guys a break and stop asking about when it well be released. We all of course want a well-developed aircraft, so if we want that all what we have to do is wait. Because from all that work is not really easy. XD
  2. Have you guys announced the system requirements to run the A330? or upon release. Just asking.
  3. This is amazing. Developing an aircraft requires a tremendous amount of time and effort, all I can say is Thank you aerosoft, I mean it. XD
  4. i cant wait for the A330 to be released. whatever is the price i will take it!
  5. Hi i want to say Thank you Aerosoft for your development and hard work on the A330, i just have one question: Will the A330 include a passenger window view? Thank you
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