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  1. Vatsim ID and password

    G'day Richard... It doesn't. PFPX opens up the Vatsim pre-file page with all the fields populated with the appropriate output from the plan you have generated. You enter your ID and password manually yourself. Once you've reviewed the fields and entered your ID/password, you then submit using the button on the prefile page at the top right of the form. See hth.
  2. Winds Aloft not updating

    Mike... I OCCASIONALY still have this problem (running PFPX 1.26 on a Vista 64bit machine, windows up to date) but it's MUCH less of an issue than it was with 1.23. I've set up a .bat file to remove all .tmp files in the public docs pfpx documents temp folder and run it EVERY TIME before starting pfpx - 1.26 almost always behaves (if I don't delete the files it's more of a lottery). On the few occasions with 1.26 it's not played ball I've resorted to getting winds aloft from ASN which is (in my view) an acceptable alternative for planning purposes, including long hauls. Might depend whether you use ASN (or another compatible weather engine) of course. hth.