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  1. Activating TopCat

    My error, I have just discovered. There was Bundle being sold in 2013 and you are correct, I did not buy it from Aerosoft. I acknowledge you pointed me in the correct direction to FlightSimSoft and it is all taken care of now. Thank you.
  2. Activating TopCat

    Thanks for that but I bought PFPX and Topcat as bundle from Aerosoft, hence posted here.
  3. Bought PFPX and TopCat as part of a Bundle in August 2013 but whilst I can activate PFPX no problem, I cannot activate TopCat. Any help or suggestions welcome, please. Thank you
  4. Having just installed the P3Dv4 version, can somebody kindly direct me/or link me to the Twin Otter Extended repaints. I'm looking for in particular the BA or Logan Air repaints. Thank you.
  5. Mallorca X Evolution

    I have Mallorca X Evolution installed in P3Dv4. Yesterday while making a daytime landing on Rwy06L, I noticed that the runway tarmac textures and the surrounding verges(grass I assume) to that Rwy, looked rather bland and sort of blurred, yet the taxiways, the taxiways markings all the way to the gates and the aprons all looked sharp. Not at my sim computer to post a screenshot. Just wanted to see if anybody else experienced this at Palma? Thanks.
  6. Polish Airports

    I have had no issues whatsoever installing Polish Airports vol 1 into P3Dv4.Went though seamlessly.
  7. Okay, no problem. A loss I have to take on the chin, Sir. Understandable in the circumstances. But could you kindly tell me why is it when I tried to purchase Mallorca X Evolution a few minutes ago, and used my previous Mallorca X Evolution Serial Number to get the Upgrade Discount(which is an option offered), that was not accepted at the Checkout? It showed the €19.63 price only, so I cancelled the purchase. Thank you.
  8. Forgive me if I am off-topic here but as it is directly related to Mallorca X Evolution, can anybody from Aerosoft kindly update what is the situation regarding SimPlanet customers who purchased Aerosoft titles from them? I ask because, as hinted here, in this thread, there may be a Professional version of Mallorca in the offing at a later stage, so no point in buying twice as Mallorca X Evolution is currently on sale offer.
  9. Sceneries Purchased from simPlanet

    Good Morning gentlemen. Thank you for your responses. Bit dismayed that I may or may not be able to get P3Dv4 Updates for those two sceneries I bought from simPlanet, but as pointed out in that link I just looked at, this is simPlanet's screw-up and total failure. Salutary lesson learned never ever again to buy from a 3rd party seller. If i have to re-purchase again from Aerosoft, then I will do so if there are no alternatives. Nevertheless, to take a positive out of a negative, look forward to the other Aerosoft-bought sceneries v4 Updates, as and when it happens.
  10. I purchased two Aerosoft sceneries from what I now am led to believe is a defunct seller, simPlanet. Mallorca X and Las Palma. (a)Are there any P3Dv4 Updates for these two sceneries/airports and if so, how do I get them? (b)I also have good few Aerosoft sceneries/airports bought from Aerosoft directly. Can I update these to P3Dv4? Thank you for answering these queries
  11. No VC Panels Displaying

    Please ignore/delete. I tried re-installing through the A320 Extended Livery Manager and it has now taken care of those blank dark panels.
  12. No VC Panels Displaying

    Just installed a Syrian Airlines repaint but when I fire up that particular repaint, all I see is dark VC panels with no display. Does not happen with any other repaint, i.e. the default repaints added during installation. Any advice, please? Thanks.
  13. [REQ] A320 Avianca

    Thanks for that, dude too, but I did qualify my remark with AFAIK in case you missed it ! Also was under the assumption that there was only one Avianca in SA in Colombia, plus, the very same video in another place made no mention of Avianca but just stated they were a Brazilian crew flying a 737, which everyone reading that also assumed it to be, which is where I took my info to quote your words, did do some research, but as I'm not going get into an argument with you, I'll leave it at that.
  14. [REQ] A320 Avianca

    I think you have your facts slightly wrong there, because this has been posted elsewhere and they are in fact Brazilian pilots taking off from Rio, flying a GOL 737, AFAIK