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  1. Hi Herman, I tried both ways of deactivating AES, first unchecking EGLL in the AES control panel and starting FS9, second I unchecked the AES folder in the scenery library and deleted the AES folder in FS9. Also in relation to any afcad, I have Ultimate Traffic but I do ensure that every time I install a new airport, I delete the Ultimate Traffic afcad located in the Addon Scenery/scenery folder. I also use scanafd to make sure. Kind regards Gavin Moss
  2. Hi Herman, I have tried with unchecking AES and the scenery is as it should be developed by UK2000 Scnery, showing 2 jetways and looking on Google Earth, it looks the same. The problem being is that when AES is installed, it adds 2 moveable jetways that do work and the static one that doesn't move that should be removed from the scenery but is not removed. I have attached 2 screenshots showing EGLL without AES and with. Kind regards Gavin Moss
  3. Hi Herman, Thank you for your prompt reply. I have been in conversation with UK2000 on their support forum for a number of days. At first they said they were A380 gates which I had to correct them and point out the problem. After numerous discussions, they have said that it isn't a problem their side hence why I have now posted here. I did try to rectify by uninstalling and reinstalling EGLL V3.1 first and trying without their latest update V3.12 but problem was still there so then did the update V3.12 and still there also. V3.1 is the earliest update that I can download from my orders there. The rest of the gates at EGLL are absolutely fine and work fine, the problem seems to be just that one side of that satellite terminal. Maybe I should try uninstalling AES and reinstalling, what do you think? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Gavin Moss
  4. Good evening, I recently updated UK2000 Scenery EGLL Extreme to the latest update V3.3. I have noticed that at Terminal 5, the Satellite B pier on one side has 3 jetways at some of the stands. These are not A380 stands as one of the jetways is a static jetway that doesn't seem to be removed after activating AES. With previous versions of UK2000 EGLL Extreme, I don't recall seeing the static jetway still there, in other words, AES had removed the static jetway allowing AES to function properly and have 2 jetways. The rest of EGLL is just fine, its only this one area that seem to still show the static jetway. I have attached a screenshot so that you can see what I mean. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards Gavin Moss
  5. Good evening, I posted this a few years ago and thought I had a solution to this but appears not! My problem being that when I get clearance to taxi to a runway from the tower there is no 'Turn on Progressive Taxi' option! I'm not talking about the line not appearing, I'm mean the option to choose it itself! I have already deleted the file AP949130 as suggested in earlier replies and posts about the line not appearing and did a search for this in my files which is not coming up so I have deleted it as suggested, so can anyone please help me with the correct issue I have please. Look forward to hearing from anyone. Kind Regards Gavin Moss