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  1. For many years, I have been an avid supporter of PFPX. And quite frankly, for me, it was the next best thing. It was one of those addons, that just lifted your hobby to a whole new level. Unfortunately, I got the idea, PFPX has reached it shelf life. Not because the product is redundant, but because those responsible for keeping it alive, is well, not that active anymore... Since we last saw an update to PFPX, a tremendous amount of addons have graced our lives. In 2017 I had a discussion with the developers regarding updates to the software. The usual, "we are working on it", "blame other people", cliches were thrown around. We are now entering year 2 since some of these addons were released, and still PFPX is somewhere sitting next to the field, on the bench, or are they even on the field? I think I have reached the stage now, where I must just admit and face the facts, that the odd €40 I have spent on this software, is now done and dusted for. It is sad to face those facts, but unfortunately PFPX's online peers (or rather superiors now) is rushing away from this once superior product at the speed of light.... Not only is this online alternative light years ahead, they are constantly providing - Even for addons that just launched earlier this week..... That is service... Now the questions are... How does Aerosoft feel about it? And can we expect anything from PFPX in the near future, or is the funeral scheduled? Have a blessed Sunday all!
  2. Reinhardt Massyn

    PFPX Update?

    Evening Good People, Trust you all are well. Sure this question has been asked, but I am not getting anything on a search..... so here goes.... I am just wondering, when will see another PFPX update? Its been ages now since the TFDI 717 saw the light, and PFPX still doesn't support export to this aircraft? Even the "Freebie" Flightplanners have been supporting this for months now already.... Thanx! Reinhardt I see now this has been asked numerous times, apologies for my double post.... would be nice to get some word from the developers though....