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  1. Tjmck

    Prepar3D License

    Hello, Never used P3D before, so can someone inform me which license i should buy, there is a substantial difference between the two Professional and Academic, so any help would be appreciated, i previously used FSX.SE so the one that is close to that application would be great. Thank You Tj.
  2. Hello, Is there a download for the above title, i can only find this for Prepar3D V4.3. Cheers Tj.
  3. Tjmck

    Aerosoft Manchester X

    Tom on a foot note could this have anything to do with SODE i purchased NY Airports V2 from FSPS Store and when i was installing the product the SODE would not install. Tj.
  4. Tjmck

    Aerosoft Manchester X

    Hello Tom, Spoke too soon, flying from EGLL to EGCC all was well till landing crossing the threshold the runway disappeared and when i did land the runway was all over the place and the graphics went all to hell, i thought this was maybe just one off but not, i restarted FSX.SE and placed the plane in dock 16 and when the airport came up no plane you will see in the attachment, same as before, now what do we do. I wait for your thoughts on this matter, i intend to delete Manchester X do not trust it anymore. Best Regards Tj.
  5. Tjmck

    Aerosoft Manchester X

    Hello Tom, First off thank you for your response. I followed your suggestions and IT worked thank you so much, i was worried about viruses ect. As always Aerosoft has great products. Cheers Tj. My 787-8 at Manchester X
  6. Hello All, Just downloaded Manchester X from FSPS Store, did the normal download from Aerosoft, installed the product, went on to FSX.SE and checked the install and both files were installed, but..when applied the aircraft to Manchester EGCC in the Sim the graphics were all screwed up,the aircraft was half way thru a wall, there was some kind of a frame split with something on the bottom, Jways were on the roof, ect. just a mess. I have Aerosoft London X and had no issues. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Tj.