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  1. bill3810

    Throttles issue post update update

    Being looked into as we speak.
  2. bill3810

    Autobrake dissarm

    I would also recommend looking at every single device you have hooked up and make sure the brakes aren't double assigned by accident. I don't know of any other issues like this with the Autobrakes.
  3. bill3810

    Autobrake dissarm

    check your axis for brakes. If there is any kind of braking being applied (improperly calibrated axis or what ever) then auto brakes will disconnect and manual braking applies.
  4. Did you load the fuel based on the fuel planner or Sim Brief?
  5. For now I recommend using SimBrief. Create an aircraft in Simbrief with the exact, BEW, MTOW, MLW, MZFW, MAX Fuel Capacity and Max Passengers as determined from the Fuel Planner. Then use that aircraft in Sim Brief to plan your flight. Once it spits out the Fuel Required, then transfer that data from Sim Brief to the Fuel planner and save it. It is almost exact. Always carry a little extra or create a 2-5% fuel bias for safety margin. In the Fuel Planner: The easiest way to do it is match the fuel then adjust the pax/cargo slider to get the ZFW to match Sim Brief and you're finished. Adjust your CG slider for -.5 to -.9% and upload the figures. Who cares if the pax and bags aren't exact they aren't back there anyway, unless that helps you sleep better at night. ZFW,FUEL and CG done!
  6. bill3810

    Problem with flight planning

    Some things off of the top of my head. In the configurator did you select Navigraph or Nav Data Pro? If you selected Navigraph then you have to make a small modification to get the data to be recognized. Check on the Status Page and see if you have a current database or ANY database for that matter as the active database.
  7. bill3810

    No any power

    This just happened to me and it's because you may have some old files still left on your computer from an older version. Short and simple, un-install P3D and Re-Install 4.3. Works just fine after. In fact I went as far as to take off all older version of P3D as I don't plan on using the older 32 bit anymore anyway.
  8. bill3810

    Gear down after selected up

    Make sure you don't have any double assignments for landing gear. I have never heard of this and it sounds to me like an errant landing gear key assignment. Double Check in controls and make sure you look at all connected devices as well as the key assignments. There is a good chance you will find your solution there. Let me know.
  9. bill3810

    Abnormal fuel consumption with CFM engines

    Test Results from KORD - KSFO. Planned Burn and Actual Burn both - 9.7 Tons Flight Time - Within 2 minutes Weather - as planned. So for a flight up to 4 hours using the exact weather and performance as planned, netted me the exact data as Sim Brief. Of course the Fuel Planner is way off but this will be worked on. Regards
  10. bill3810

    Abnormal fuel consumption with CFM engines

    One thing to note on this is weather programs and how they transition from one area to another concerning winds. I am doing a test flight from KORD to KSFO right now but steady winds at cruise and ISA deviation per the planning so there will be no jump from one reporting station to the other which depending on what weather program you use can be drastic. I'll report my numbers here and let you know how it went. So far cruise burn numbers, TAS, N1 % all matching pretty close to Cruise data charts (RW).
  11. bill3810

    Abnormal fuel consumption with CFM engines

    Ok thanks for your input, I think the fuel predictions can use some shoring up as well. Remember this is the initial release and there will be SP's coming up along with regular updates so I'm hoping we can fine tune this. The Fuel Planner is on the list but again if the plane is burning close to what Sim Brief has then we're pretty good just use the Fuel Bias with Sim Brief and you should be spot on. I will post when I have more info. I will be checking my numbers as well. Thanks again. EDIT: BTW we see fuel burns vs actual off quite a bit after engine changes, and other maintenance that's why we keep a monthly fuel burn report so we can adjust the numbers in the MCDU for predictions etc.. AKA: PERF Factor
  12. bill3810

    Abnormal fuel consumption with CFM engines

    So I just want to make sure I understand your numbers here correctly and nothing was left out. According to what you posted above I have noted specifics Below.... M 0.80 / FL390 / ZFW 44.4 T Actual Block Fuel: 18.0 T EST Take Off Fuel (-taxi) = 17.8 T Actual Landing Fuel = 2.2 T No Route Changes, Short Cuts, Holding, Climbed Directly up to Optimal and stepped up to FL390 when appropriate (Max Altitude Prog Page >390 + Optimal = 380) Is this correct? Now looking at your numbers above and plugging those same numbers into Sim Brief, using the Plan and Alternate Plan it spit out, I get a trip burn of 15.6. My Trip Distance: 3215 Ground (270@41 / ISA+3) Every thing else the same. I just ran your numbers using Sim Brief and Came up with a Burn of 15.6. (A319) According to your numbers above. Takeoff Fuel (Actual) of 17.8 - 15.6 (Actual Trip Burn) = 2.2 Remaining (Almost right on with my Sim Brief) Of Course the AS Fuel Planner shows much less if you plug these exact numbers in and calculate. So if what I posted above matches your data then Sim Brief and the actual Burn of the aircraft are very close and could be adjusted simply with a Fuel Bias. We do this Real World as the planning doesn't match the actual as the engines age and are switched out etc... If you have the time I would like to see another example with exact details to get better info. Please use the A319 or A320 if you can plan it with Sim Brief and load it accordingly and post the data. If you're not interested in that I would say just go with sim brief, always take a little extra for mamma and the kids and record your burn data over a set of flights and then use a Fuel Bias and that's it, wallah. BTW: I used RW Flight Planning charts and came up with the same numbers as MY Sim Brief using A319 Performance data. Edit: And lastly the Fuel Planner needs some work and we will look into that. Thanks for your report. Disclaimer: If you see any mistakes in here let me know, lots of numbers and charts so yah...
  13. bill3810

    Climb rate above 20,000ft

    Played around the other day in the A320 (RW) and did some testing using CLB mode at 66 Tons. 20-30K , 300kias up to .78 in the transition to mach, climb rates were 1500-700 pre mach transition and down to 500 fpm then after the transition around 700-1200. As the aircraft climbed higher it then settled in above FL320 at around 700 fpm. I had to select the speed and change to Mach .75 to get a descent climb rate but still as we approached FL360 it was down around 500 fpm eventually. All of this from memory but I took a video as well. Temperatures at altitude were ISA +17 to ISA+19. Depending on several factors your numbers above could be very normal. Remember you need to give ATC a minimum of 500 fpm or you need to let them know. Various techniques to get this when your heavy at high altitude, dial down the mach as you get higher (CLB or OPEN CLB) or set your speed above the current and select VS 500 fpm and keep a careful eye while monitoring as your speed can bleed down if you're not careful. B.
  14. bill3810

    Climb rate above 20,000ft

    Need more information. What's the OAT (SAT or you can just give me the ISA deviation) and the weight of the aircraft. What is your climb speed/mach and mode?
  15. bill3810

    Not following ascent/descent path

    Very high Angle of Attack or Very High Pitch attitude, there is a difference!