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  1. Thank you, I already did that in April and we will see if and what happens
  2. Well, if X-Plane / X-IvAp is unsupported by PFPX, why is there then an option to export to X-Plane available? And we all know, that X-Plane only works with X-IvAp and not IvAp... If it is unwanted to use this software with X-Plane, the feature should be disabled until it works like as it should do. But that's nothing that has to be discussed here.
  3. Stephen, we are not talking about IvAp - we talk about X-IvAp for X-Plane - and there with the latest Version 0.3.4 (Rev 180) it is not working. According to my description in my first post there is also the way described on how to get these things fixed in order to get PFPX exports to work and load properly into X-IvAp! So it is still no "feature request" - don't know why the title of this post was changed as it is definitely a bug!
  4. I do neither know whether there is/was any change in formats / syntax nor am I a programmer to get this checked and sorted. The only thing I know for now is that exporting to IVAO/(X-)IvAp is not working for me and that I am not alone with this (see link in my initial post). I gave some input on how this could be solved. Maybe anyone who is responsible can check this and provide an update? I (and others) would surely appreciate it.
  5. The current export functionality to IVAO/IVAP is a bug, as e.g. some variable indicators are wrong (ID being used instead of CALLSIGN (to get the aircraft callsign correctly imported to IvAp)), missing PIC etc. It's not just the thing with the speed-group "K", which is unknown to X-IvAp.
  6. I doubt that X-IvAp will get any updates as there haven't been any since a long period of time. Updating/Patching PFPX would be much faster and - indeed - I am quite sure that this will help a lot of more People than just me. For me PFPX is quite unusable right now when I cannot export to my X-IvAp correctly.
  7. srcooke, you are - in general - absolutely right! But at least X-IvAp (IvAp for X-Plane) does not "know" the speed-group "K" - only "N" and "M" is allowed. Maybe it might make sense to add a new Export Option to Export to "X-IvAp" which has a modified Export structure with the correct variables...?
  8. Hello, I just bought PFPX and want to Export flightplans to IvAp as well (Export Feature to "IVAO/IVAP (Default.fpl)" I encountered the same prolems as described in this thread: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/79233-x-ivap-how-do-i-load-a-plan/ I did some more Tests and were able to determine what the problem is: PFPX is using wrong Syntax for the export! This is an example file that is created through PFPX export - The errors are marked red and how it should be is green one line below: Orange lines below are not exported so it would be nice to get them added to a bugfix! [FLIGHTPLAN] ID=BOX981 CALLSIGN=BOX981 RULES=I FLIGHTTYPE=S NUMBER=1 ACTYPE=A332 WAKECAT=H EQUIPMENT=SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ TRANSPONDER=S DEPICAO=ZSPD DEPTIME=1540 SPEEDTYPE=K SPEEDTYPE=N (or maybe M) SPEED=0875 SPEED=0467 (value according to SPEEDTPE=N or M) LEVELTYPE=S LEVELTYPE=F LEVEL=1220 LEVEL=380 ROUTE=K0875S1220 SUF11D SUF W167 SASAN R343 WHA B213 ENH V38 GAO B213 LXA B345 NONIM/N0470F390 B345 NARAN L626 ONISA/N0470F400 L626 DPN G333 TIGER G202 RK J173 SK G214 PG G665 ASVIB N312 KHM A453 MIDSI UA453 SOGAT SOGAT1 ROUTE=N0467F380 SUF11D SUF W167 SASAN R343 WHA B213 ENH V38 GAO B213 LXA B345 NONIM/N0470F390 B345 NARAN L626 ONISA/N0470F400 L626 DPN G333 TIGER G202 RK J173 SK G214 PG G665 ASVIB N312 KHM A453 MIDSI UA453 SOGAT SOGAT1 DESTICAO=OBBI EET=0929 ALTICAO=OEDR ALTICAO2= OTHER=PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/170417 REG/DABOG EET/ZHWH0057 ZPKM0156 VNSM0451 VIDF0546 OPKR0640 OIIX0742 OBBB0905 RVR/75 PER/D ENDURANCE=1048 POB=168 PIC=<Name of the Pilot in Command> LIVERY=<> AIRLINE=<AIRLINE ICAO CODE> The remarks-section is too long and because of that, the import to IvAp fails. When one shortens the RMK manually by editing "Default.fpl", importing works... Maybe it is possible to select, which kind of remarks should be exported and which not? Hopefully this message gets to the responsible persons to get a patch as soon as possible! Thank you!